It Came From the Internet!

Spend a Minute with the Evil Dead

With the Virgin Fake Film Festival bearing down upon us, young filmmakers Gigi Saul Guerrero, Luke Bramley, and Raynor Shima have created a tribute to the original Sam Raimi cult classic that is nothing short of a must watch for fans. Dig on Evil Dead in 60 Seconds right now!

Screw Chocolate! This Valentine's Day Give Your Lover an Undead Ted!

With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, why not get your lover the gift that keeps on giving... and eating and rotting and munching and shambling and biting and stinking? Kind of gives new meaning to the term "brain candy," no?

Thank You, Stickam. You Will Be Missed.

Here at Dread Central we do our best to bring you the news and coverage you can’t get anywhere else. Running a site of this kind requires a lot of different components coming together to work seamlessly behind the scenes.

Behold! Over Twelve Minutes of Killer Bus Goodness

It's Thursday. Friday's still quite a few hours away, and you're looking for something to help you pass your time. We totally hear you. The Internet has become a veritable theme park of time-killing activities, and the following one is a treat for sure!

Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City to Infect the Web

Do the Resident Evil movies just not cut it for you as a fan of the video game franchise? Even Capcom's animated movies based upon it have kind of sucked. We're hoping one day someone gets it right. Enter the upcoming web series Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City.

Have a Couple Million Bucks Lying Around? Then You Can Own the Nightmare on Elm Street House!

In the market for a new home nestled deep in West Hollywood? Maybe some infamous digs known for their connection to a badly burned homicidal maniac with a penchant for making your life a living hell via your dreams? Then read on!

FEARnet to Premiere Over 30 Short Films During 2013

FEARnet.com is premiering over 30 genre-centric short films in 2013, treating viewers to an eclectic blend of festival favorites, international picks, rarely-seen gems, and more. New titles have already begun appearing on the site and will continue to be added every other week.

Join the Ranks of The Walking Dead with the Dead Yourself App

At the end of last year we told you about the new "Dead Yourself" app from "The Walking Dead." Well, now it's here, and we have a bit more info - and an example!

The Shining's Cut Epilogue Shines On

Every now and again someone digs up a long lost relic pertaining to Stanley Kubrick's horror masterpiece The Shining, and each time it happens, what we see leaves us grinning from ear to ear. Kind of like the way Nicholson did in his "Heeeere's Johnny!" moment.

Get Your Free Horror Fix with FrightPIX; New Horror Label Launched!

You can never have too many places to watch horror movies, and now there's another spot to do so ABSOLUTELY FREE. Read on for the first details that have emerged regarding FrightPIX! Dig it!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Infographic Is Buzzing with Victims

Infographics chronicling the exploits of our favorite movies, kills, and characters have become all the rage lately, and with the box office success (or failure, depending on which week you're looking at) of Texas Chainsaw 3D (review), it's time to take a look at the saw's tally.

Fright Meter Awards Names The Cabin in the Woods Best Horror Movie and Drew Goddard Best Director; Get the Complete Results

Chairman Troy Escamilla and the Fright Meter Awards Committee have announced that The Cabin in the Woods was named the Best Horror Movie of 2012, and the film also won in four more categories.

Fright Meter Awards Nominations Announced, The Cabin in the Woods Leads with 10

Roll out the red carpet! The nominees for this year's Fright Meter Awards have been announced, and The Cabin in the Woods leads all entrants with 10 nominations. Read on for the details.

Imagine If You Will... The Walking Dead Christmas Special

It's long been a tradition that some of our favorite television shows dole out a holiday special here and there, and the good folks over at Jawiin TV have come up with a hilarious one that we only wish were real. Dig it!

Full Moon Presents the Grindhouse Flix Service and Your Chance to Enter a HUGE Contest

Full Moon Features has a pair of huge announcements to drop on us. The first is the official launch of Grindhouse Flix, a modern way for you to enjoy some of the one-of-a-kind films Full Moon Features is known for. Read on for the rest!