It Came From the Internet!

Enjoy Some Fantastic Horror Film-Inspired Artwork

There is truly nothing like a classic movie poster. They can be found everywhere from pinned up on a teenager's bedroom wall to framed in an art gallery or museum. And when talented artists come up with variant artwork for some of our favorite films, that's a fun time, too!

Infographic Offers Tips and Tools For Surviving the Zombie Outbreak

Who knows more about survival gear than REI, the outfitter for the outdoors? Probably no one outside of that "Man vs. Wild" guy on TV, and who really wants to live if you have to drink your own pee? REI offers some more palatable alternatives to surviving when the zombie outbreak occurs.

NSFW Friday the 13th Rap Recaps Franchise's Iconic Moments

Tomorrow is of course Friday the 13th, which means it's once again time for all of us horror fans to revisit our favorite installments in the slasher franchise. Personally, I tend to stick with the original film through The Final Chapter, as those are the movies that personify the franchise for me.

He's How Big? Check Out This Official Monster Size Guide!

Ever wondered exactly how big your favorite movie monster is in comparison to other beasties and maybe even yourself? Check out the graphic here to see just how everything sizes up.

Behold the Horrors of #CreepyPaddington

Paddington Bear first burst onto the scene in October of 1958. Over the decades this polite immigrant bear from Peru with his old hat, battered suitcase, duffle coat, and love of marmalade sandwiches has become a classic character from English children's literature. Now, however... he's not so cuddly.

Harvard Confirms Book Bound in Human Skin; Leatherface Gets a Library Card!

Okay, in truth we can't confirm whether or not Leatherface is a card-carrying library guy or not, but we have received word that Harvard University has indeed verified claims that one of its library books is actually bound in human flesh.

Don't Check it Out and for God's Sake Don't Split Up! This Video Proves Why!

The good people at Slacktory created this hilarious supercut video from a slew of horror movies. The concept? Bad things happen when a) a character goes to "check it out" or when someone suggests the group should "split up." But it strangely happens so often. Take a look.

Hilarious Seven-Inspired Unboxing Video

One of the greatest and arguably most shocking moments in film history is the infamous unboxing scene from David Fincher's Seven. As jaded as I am, that shit stayed with me for long after I first saw it. With unboxing videos being an internet craze, it was only a matter of time before someone parodied it!

The Wil Wheaton Project Suggests 80's-Style Theme Song for The Walking Dead

We challenge you to watch this video without laughing out loud. Thus far we have not found a person who could do it. "The Wil Wheaton Project" (Syfy, Tuesdays at 10p.m.) recently aired a hilarious mock theme song for "The Walking Dead" in an upbeat, 80's sitcom style. Check this out!

Edgar Allan Poe Battles Stephen King in the Rap Showdown of the Century

Over the years we've seen lots of horror heavyweights do battle until the last "thing" was standing... In the tradition of King Kong vs Godzilla, Freddy vs. Jason, Foreman vs Ali, the good folks behind Epic Rap Battles of History have come up with one for the books! Literally!

Need a Dose of Holiday Cheer? Check Out Part 3 of Web Series Jason Xmas

Sure, we know it's nearly June, the summer is approaching, and December is as far from our minds as it can possibly be. But for those of you craving a little Christmas in the spring, take a look at Part 3 of Scared Stiff's holiday-themed slasher Jason Xmas.

Fear Not, Citizens! U.S. Military's CONPLAN 8888 in Place to Protect Against Zombie Apocalypse

Yes, you read that right. And no, this isn't a joke. CONPLAN 8888 even says so in its wording, stating "This plan was not actually designed as a joke." The United States Department of Defense actually has a zombie response plan on file. Wow.

Foycast XV: King of the Foycasts

Has been at least 6 months? Then it must be time for another Foycast. This Godzilla-sized edition is primarily devoted to the King of the Monsters, but we also touch on a variety of other topics to ensure this episode has more false endings than Lord of the Rings.

Alien Catfish Is the Stuff Nightmares Are Made of

With the unfortunate passing of H.R. Giger still fresh in our minds, it helps to soften the blow of the loss of the great artist with the fact that his influence will be felt for years to come. For example...

Fan Stitches Together LEGO Human Centipede Playset

The LEGO Company recently announced release plans for a Ghostbusters-inspired playset, which is likely as far as they'll ever be delving into the horror genre. But a fan can dream, and one fan has just brought his delightfully twisted dream to life, in the form of ass to mouth LEGO people. It was inevitable, I suppose.