It Came From the Internet!

New Villain's Lair Map Lets You Plan Your Roadtrip to Hell

Ever wonder where your favorite horror movie stars hang their hats? The good folks over at Roadtrippers have mapped out a new infographic depicting some of your favorite frightening locales. It's all here, kids! Get out your GPS!

Lucio Fulci's Films Get the 8-Bit NES Treatment

Here on Dread we love when horror fans make their own faux NES video games, and we've been delighted to come across many of them in our travels around the interweb. Today a brand spankin' new one has come to our attention, and you Italian horror lovers out there are absolutely going to love it!

Kittens Cause Anarchy in The Purrrge

The good folks at The Pet Collective are back with a new animalistic take on this weekend's horror offering, The Purge: Anarchy, and we have every fuzzy and adorable pixel of it right here for you to nibble on! Check it out!

Godzilla Statue Rises in Tokyo, Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun is known for lots of things like used panty vending machines, delicious sushi, and geisha girls. That being said, Japan's most valuable export is without a doubt Godzilla. You know him, you love him, and now big G is getting celebrated in his homeland like never before.

Hilarious Friday the 13th Themed Prank

Imagine if you will sitting quietly at or on a lake with your friend when all of a sudden a giant sized killer wearing a hockey mask and wielding a machete emerges from the water. Would you shit your pants? We're willing to bet at least a couple of these people did.

Incredible Spectral Photography from Christopher Mckenney

Let's be clear... these images are not real, nor do they claim to be. That being said, this could very well be the coolest damned thing you're likely to see all day (providing you're not going to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes until tomorrow or Sunday).

Horror Star Chart Pays Tribute to 135 Important Films

Here at Dread Central we're big fans of horror-inspired artwork, which talented fans have for the last few years been doing an absolutely bang-up job at delivering. Today a highly unique piece of art has come to our attention, which we guarantee you is like nothing you've ever hung up on your bedroom wall in the past!

Real-Life Jaws Attacks in California - Insane Video!

There's no bargaining with a shark. If it decides to bite you, it's going to. If it decides you're tasty enough to devour, it will relentlessly attack, hoping to be able to either kill or come away with a part of you for its meal. This is why I only go in pools. My own pool, too. Screw those public urine-filled ones.

Facebook User Being Haunted by Girlfriend Online... Fact or Faked?

Around these parts we love a good ghost story. Take for example this story we came across on Reddit. A user by the name of NateSW posted some pretty spooky stuff. You see, this guy's girlfriend keeps messaging him on Facebook; the only problem is... she's dead.

8-Bit Kill Bill Game Will Gouge Your Eyes Out!

It’s 3AM and you are torn. Should you watch both volumes of Kill Bill or breathe new life into your geriatric NES and fire up Bad Dudes? This is the question that drove Buddah insane. But fret not for CineFix has saved your sanity in the form of 8-Bit Cinema’s Kill Bill (Vols. 1 and 2).

The Frightening Truth About Steven Seagal's Career

Steven Seagal has made only one horror movie to date, and that was 2009's Against the Dark, in which he had a cameo that found him beating off vampires. Yet, here at Dread Central we've been known to cover the world of the bizarre and the paranormal. You're about to learn something about Seagal that is beyond bizarre...

14 Kick-Ass Fan-Made Movie Posters

In a world with mostly generic bullshit one-sheets that people are paid a mint to crap out, we really appreciate the good posters when they come our way. It's also not at all surprising that some of the best recent one-sheets we've seen have been fan-made and unofficial.

New Dinosaur Prank Causes Hilarious Panic

Imagine walking along in a park and stumbling across a nest of eggs. You get closer to examine this curious discovery when all of a sudden a rampaging dinosaur comes charging out of the woods ready to gobble you up for disturbing its "kids."

Hilarious Claymation Trailer Imagines Quentin Tarantino's Ghostbusters 3

Much ado has been made about who will be directing the long-gestating next installment in the beloved Ghostbusters film franchise, leaving many fans to imagine what the movie would be like if their favorite filmmaker was at the helm.

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