iPhone Application

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Free Download of the Hollywood Undead App on iTunes

It's a sign of the times that just about everyone is jumping on the iPhone application bandwagon, and if you're a fan of the group Hollywood Undead, we here at Dread Central have your hookup for their recently released app.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Free Download of the Lost Zombies App on iTunes

We've run a few stories about the Lost Zombies social network whose goal is to create the world’s first community-generated zombie documentary, and now they have their own iPhone/iPod touch app, which normally costs $1.99 but you can win from the kind folks at Dread Central.

Get the Ninja Assassin iPhone App for Only $.99

Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and Legendary Digital are converting iPhone and iPod touch users' fingers into deadly chain blades, razor-sharp shurikens, and lethal katanas in Ninja Assassin, a brutal, action-packed game unleashed today -- all for just 99 cents!

Get Dread Central on Your iPhone. Right Now. FREE!

Just like the rest of the world, we here at Dread Central like to have everything in the palms of our hands. Especially ourselves! Wait ... that didn't sound right ... *ahem* Anyway, now you can have us with you anytime you want, everywhere you go ... for free!

Get the Free Paranormal Activity App from iTunes

I guess getting your own iPhone application means you've really arrived because we just learned that Paranormal Activity has done just that. Users can scan their surroundings to see if they are haunted or possessed and share the "evidence" with friends via e-mail or Facebook Connect.

Uncover Twilight Saga: New Moon Easter Eggs via Your iPhone

Just when we thought the news stories about The Twilight Saga: New Moon were done for a while, they keep pulling us back in! This time it's Chris Weitz who's to blame as the director is revealing ten "easter eggs" that you may have missed when viewing the film, five of which are only available via an application for the iPod touch and iPhone.

Get the Halloween Horror Nights iPhone App

As if you needed another reason to invest in an iPhone, Universal and Geodelic have teamed up for a free Halloween Horror Nights application (it also works on Android devices).

Imminent DOOM on your iPhone!

Remember when the only game on your cell phone was Snake? It's hard to believe how evolved cellular gaming has become in the past seven or so years, but today's announcement from IGN raises the bar even higher! Now, you can wield the BFG and slaughter droves of pissed off demons all from the palm of your hand thanks to the iPhone!