Round Up The Undead In Zombie HQ At The App Store

Zombie HQ is now available for free at the App Store. As one of the last remaining survivors, you have to fight off zombies from 9-5. Luckily, after a long day of zombie slaying, you can return back to your man-cave and watch a little television while relaxing in your hot tub! Now that is the life.

Vampire Season Now Available For Free At The App Store

Vampire Season is now available for free at the App Store (read our review here). Jump into this action-packed tower defense game where you must protect Dracula at all costs. Raise your undead army today on your iOS devices!

Start An Infection With Zombie Burst For Free

Zombie Burst is available for the iPhone and for today only you can download the App for FREE! This might be the one time you want to take advantage of a zombie apocalypse!

Plight of the Zombie Now Available For Android Platforms

The free puzzle game Plight of the Zombie is now available on Android platforms. Plight of the Zombie puts you into the shoes of the undead, and shows you exactly how it feels to crave a brain burger!

Horror and Pop Culture Collide in Vampire Season

Vampire Season will release on your iOS devices on June 28th. Players will be required to gather all the monsters they can to fight off hunters and protect Dracula's crypt. Vampire Season will test your skills as you try to stay alive against the invaders!

Dark Nebula Available For Android

Dark Nebula has finally arrived at the App store for Android. This horrific labyrinth game will have you cheating death at every corner as you try to maneuver your way to the end of each level by avoiding dangerous traps and bullets!

Zombie Quest Makes Board Games Fun Again

Zombie Quest is a whole new experience on board games for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Zombie Quest will put you into an engaging atmosphere where you will battle villains with supernatural powers and avoid treacherous traps to finish the game!

Save the Day in Air Draco

Air Draco is a new game for the iPhone and iPod Touch where you will save a baby dragon from an evil witch. The game requires you to enter the witch's doomed cave and save the dragon from becoming her next potion!

Protect the Bloodsuckers From Humankind in Vampires!

The fast-paced puzzle game Vampires! is coming for yor PC, iOS and selected Android devices later this year. In Vampires! you will help guide weary vampires to their crypts before the vampire hunters can get to them first.

Piranha 3DD Devours Its Way To iOS and Android

TWC Games, the creator of the highly popular Scream franchise, has just revealed its horror adventure game Piranha 3DD for iOS and Android. The game is based off the motion picture but instead of running for your life--it puts you in charge of the prehistoric man-eating fish and who will become their next meal!

Infect the World in Plague Inc.

Ndemic Creations' Plague Inc. is now available in the iTunes AppStore and already made it to the top 25 in less than 48 hours. Have you ever thought of what it would be like to infect the world with a deadly pathogen and bring an end to all of humanity? Well, that is exactly what you will do in Plague Inc. on your iPhone!

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter On Sale For Memorial Day

Tatem Games' Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter has dropped its price 60% on Apple iTunes for the Memorial Day holiday. For a limited time you can get the game for just $.99 instead of $2.99!

Zombie Burst Heading to App Store on May 28th

Zombie Burst puts a new twist on the realm of zombie apps as you must fight your way out of a city infested with mutated zombies. These pimple-headed freaks have to be burst like the pus-monsters they are to survive the infestation once and for all!