Zombie I Scream Chills The App Store

Zombie I Scream is now available for the iPhone for $1.99. The title brags that it is a non-violent approach to zombie games by throwing ice cream at the undead. Now this makes a perfect game for that tiny zombie fan and ice cream lover in your life!

The Walking Dead: Assault Presents 9 Days of the Apocalypse

The Walking Dead: Assault is now available for iOS devices and now players can join others for the 9 Days of the Apocalypse countdown. Starting today, Robert Kirkman will set daily challenges for players and winners will be awarded an array of prizes. Read on to learn more!

Crazy Vampires Bites Its Way To iOS Devices

Crazy Vampires has scratched and clawed its way to the App Store. Players now must lead the vampires to their crypts and prevent them from walking into deadly traps. Unlock the full HD version of the title for only $1.99 for more undead fun!

Hollywood Monsters Hits The App Store With A Fright

Hollywood Monsters is now available at the App Store for $4.99 and will thrust players into the spotlight. Gamers will jump into the classic era of horror movies for quite an adventure with some of the most beloved Hollywood monsters known to date!

The Walking Dead: Assault Loses Its Head at the App Store

The Walking Dead: Assault is a new episodic iOS title that has just released at the App Store. Players can now play Episode 1 for $1.99 on their iOS devices. If you love The Walking Dead, then don't miss out on a chance to chop off some zombie heads in this new title!

Death Invades iOS and Android Devices

The new horror title Death is now available on iOS and Android devices. Players will have to battle to hang onto their own life into the experimental concept game that is based entirely around near death experiences. Try out Death today and see if you can escape its clutches!

Race Against Ghosts On Your iPad With GhostRacer

GhostRacer will release on November 29th for iPhone and iPad devices. Players will get to try their luck against the ghosts of other racers in over 12 challenging tracks. Read on for all the phantasmic details!

Test Your Twilight Knowledge With Twilight Saga QuizUp

Plain Vanilla Games has released Twilight Saga QuizUp for iOS and Android devices for $.99. Fans can test their knowledge by competing head to head with other Twihards to prove who is the biggest fan of all!

Monsters Need Love Too in Monster Hospital

Horror is all about the creatures that lurk in the shadows, but hey even monsters need love! Monster Hospital is now available for free at the App store for your iOS devices. Now is your time to help cure these monster of all their ailments--so they can eat you later!

Jump into a Murderous Adventure With The Gift

Alawar has released a new point and click adventure today for the PC entitled The Gift. Fans will jump into a murderous adventure with the paranormal investigator Sarah as she tries to uncover the secrets around her. Read on to learn more!

Combat Arms: Zombies Now Free on iOS

Nexon has revealed that Combat Arms: Zombies is now available for iOS for free. Players get the chance to choose between tons of weapons and blast their way through the undead! Read on to learn more.

Birdemic 2: The Game Flys Onto The App Store

Birdemic 2: The Game is now available on the App Store for iOS devices. Fans will jump into this first-person adventure as they try to fight through a birdemic against killer birds! Birdemic 2: The Resurrection is set to arrive in theaters next year, but for now jump into the bloody adventure with the game!

Fun Halloween eBook The Witch With No Name Now Available

How can you get in the Halloween spirit? Well, first you can pick up some frightfully fun eBooks like The Witch With No Name. Grab this free title now for your iPad and iPhone, and curl up with it this All Hallow's Eve!

Vampire Season: Monster Defense Tears Up The App Store

Vampire Season has been upgraded and improved with exquisite new graphics, more challenges and better camera angles! The title, now renamed Vampire Season: Monster Defense, is back and better than ever. Read on to learn more!