Horror Flick Standards of Living Filmed on iPad2! Watch Now!

I was saying to my buddies over a year ago, "You know... someone's gonna eventually shoot an entire movie on their mobile devices," and since then several have appeared. If only now I could predict winning lottery numbers. I'd buy each of you a pony.

Cook Up a Zombie Feast with Bloody Harry

FDG Entertainment has announced that gamers can now pick up Bloody Harry for iOS devices for $.99. Chef Harry is all about organic food and is slicing up some vegetable zombies for the perfect undead dish! Sounds tasty... Not really.

Return to Castlerama (Video Game)

Developed & Published by Codenrama Rated M for Mature

Zombie HQ Now Free For Windows Devices

Rebellion has announced that Zombie HQ is now free-to-play on Windows Phone, Windows RT and Windows 8. Players can take on the role as a survivor during the zombie apocalypse as they scavenge for weapons, rescue others and attempt to take back their city from the undead.

Return to Castlerama Arrives at the App Store

Codenrama's Return to Castlerama has made its way to the App Store for $4.99. Want to learn more about it? We chatted with renowned artist Michele Böhm (read it here) earlier this month about the game's realistic graphics and its eerie supernatural elements.

Square Enix Announces New Vampire Title BloodMasque

Square Enix has announced a new vampire-hunting RPG called BloodMasque that will be coming to iOS devices. Players can even customize their vampire hunter with their very own photos which makes the experience even more realistic.

World War Z (Video Game)

Developed by Phosphor Games Studio Published by Paramount Digital Entertainment Rated M for Mature

Shelter Makes Its Way To The App Store, Amazon and Google Play

Survivalist Games has released their new iOS title Shelter onto the App Store, Google Play and Amazon. Players will fight zombies in this collectible card game were surviving is your only option. Read on to learn more.

Exclusive: Michele Böhm Talks Return to Castlerama, the Game's Realistic Graphics, and More

Codenrama's Return to Castlerama is set to launch on iOS devices on June 20th, blending beautiful art with supernatural elements for a chilling and horrifying experience. We chatted with co-creator Michele Böhm about the game's realistic graphics, why horror fans will want to pick it up, and more.

Square Enix Joins the E3 Chaos with Deus Ex: The Fall Trailer

Deus Ex: The Fall is the next installment in the Deus Ex series that will be coming to mobile devices soon. Square Enix has unveiled a new action-packed E3 trailer to get you ready for the mission ahead.

Deus Ex: The Fall Making Its Way to iOS Devices

Square Enix has unveiled the next game in the Deus Ex series entitled Deus Ex: The Fall. Fans will be able to get the game on their mobile or tablet devices in an all-new adventure set in the year 2027. Read on to learn more about what is ahead.

Zombie Squash Single "Destroy" Now Available; Full Soundtrack Releasing June 17th

ACW Games has revealed that fans can now visit its official Facebook page to download the complimentary MP3 Zombie Squash single "Destroy" by Roy Z. The song will also be available on June 17th from iTunes, Amazon and global outlets.

Protect Yourself from Zombies with Shelter

Survivalist Games has released its collectible card dueling game Shelter, and fans can now download it at the App Store and Google Play. Can you fight to save the person you love while defending against a zombie onslaught? Time is running out to prepare...

Get Creeped Out With Eyes The Horror Game

Eyes The Horror Game is now available for download on PC, iOS and Android devices. Players must navigate their way through a haunted house and collect money bags while avoiding the ghostly spirits within. Read on to learn more.

Monster Blade Slices Up The App Store

Nubee has revealed that their new title Monster Blade is now available on the App Store for iOS devices. Players will take on the role of a monster slayer and be tasked with slaying hundreds of fierce creatures who have a thirst for blood. Read on to learn more.