The Intruder on Blu-ray - Some Serious Ordering Incentive!

Here at Dread Central we have a lot of love for the good folks over at Synapse Films. They're one of only a handful of distributors that always go the extra mile for fans. Speaking of which ...

The Intruder Is Slicing His Way to Blu-ray from Synapse

If you've never seen Intruder and are indeed a fan of Eighties slasher flicks, then, boy, are you in for a treat as Synapse Films continues to build its library of cult classics on Blu-ray!

Synapse Films Announces Some Cult Gems For Blu-ray

No horror collection is quite complete without a healthy dose of Synapse DVDs on the shelf, right? And now that the company has announced their long-awaited foray into the world of high definition, they've got some absolutely fantastic plans for Blu-ray. And while only one title in this three-fer of exploitation bliss really fits snugly beneath the horror banner, this bears repeating.

Intruder is Coming ... For YOU!

One film that's been circling our radar for a while now is Gregory Caiafa's indie effort Intruder. To rank up there with the slasher elite, you really have to be a cut above the rest, and this one seems to be stacking up quite nicely.