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Katee Sackhoff Suffering from Somnia

Following up on an earlier story from the Toronto International Film Festival, Riddick and "BSG" star Katee Sackhoff has signed on to director Mike Flanagan’s next film, Somnia. Read on for the early details in case you missed them.

TIFF 2013: Mike Flanagan and Focus Features Announce Oculus Follow-Up Somnia

With Mike Flanagan's Oculus set to premiere at TIFF's Midnight Madness programme tomorrow, Focus Features International has announced the filmmaker's next project, the psychological horror Somnia.

Intrepid Rides in with the Fourth Horseman

Some are born an’ some are dyin’. It’s Alpha’s and Omega’s Kingdom come. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts. And I looked and behold: a pale horse. And his name, that sat on him, was Death. And Hell followed with him.

Intrepid Pictures Ready to Spend 13 Days to Midnight at Skeleton Creek

More supernatural spookiness is on the way from the good folks over at Intrepid Pictures who have just secured the rights to two new terror tales for us horror hounds to take a bite out of.

The Strangers Part 2 and More Coming From Intrepid

Intrepid Pictures made a couple of announcements today via the trades, one centering on a sequel we all knew was going to happen and the other an as yet untitled thriller from first-time feature director David Prior.

Bruce Evans to Dive into Diver for Intrepid

Director Bruce Evans' psychological thriller Mr. Brooks was pretty well received, so it must have been a no-brainer for Intrepid Pictures to offer him a return to that particular sub-genre with the upcoming Diver.

The Fourth Horseman Rides

The end is nigh. Again. Daily Variety got word late in the day today that Intrepid Pictures has nabbed the rights to the “supernatural thriller” (or what we like to call “horror movie”) The Fourth Horseman, written by Marshall Uzzle and Perry Fair. Intrepid will have Snowblind penners Paul Benz & Steve Tomlin throw a re-write at it.