Ipson, Jason Todd (Unrest) Audio

Though I would have to say the amount of horror films based in and around hospitals is reaching an all-time high these days, there’s still room for something original as long as it has the right goals in mind -- namely, to scare the shit out of the audience.

Such is the hope of Jason Todd Ipson, the director of Unrest, which plays as part of After Dark Films’ upcoming HorrorFest. The film is about a group of med students who accidentally dishonor the cadaver assigned to them and the consequences that come from such a mistake.

I got to chat with Ipson over the weekend to discuss his hopes for Unrest, why the film was always going to be released theatrically anyway, and what might be one of the most interesting reasons to get into film I’ve ever heard: to educate. Click here or on the graphic below to give it a listen!

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