Intandem Films

New Sales Art for George Bessudo's Glimmer Arrives

It's not a lot better than the previous teaser artwork that we had for George Bessudo (Farmhouse, Lake Dead) and Intandem Films' Glimmer, but this latest bit of sales art for the flick does have a rather creepy vibe... plus confirmation that it will be in 3D.

Ruins Star Laura Ramsey Begins to Glimmer

Sparkling vampires. Glimmering ghosts. What's next, sequined aliens? Of course all of these sights can easily be seen in New York City's Halloween Parade in the Village, but right now we're talking about some casting news for a supernatural flick!

Teaser Art and Synopsis: Glimmer

We first told you about the upcoming thriller Glimmer (story here) during our exclusive interview with star Amy Smart, and now we've got some more for ya!