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Two New Clips Suffer From A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Simon Pegg's latest flick, A Fantastic Fear of Everything, is available now on VOD and will be hitting limited theaters on February 7th. To celebrate, we have two new clips for you cats to sink your teeth into. Dig it!

Simon Pegg Expresses His Fantastic Fear of Everything Early Next Year

It's been awhile, but finally we have some release news regarding Simon Pegg's latest flick! Cinedigm has dated A Fantastic Fear of Everything for release on VOD January 7th before hitting limited theaters on February 7th.

The Imposter Comes Home

Indomina Releasing has finally granted The Imposter a DVD release, and it's coming at us sooner rather than later. Look for the flick in stores and on various VOD platforms beginning on January 22, 2013!

New Trailer and One-Sheet for The Imposter

Indomina Releasing will be releasing its Sundance catch, The Imposter, this summer during July and August, and to celebrate the flick's arrival, we have the theatre listings along with a brand new trailer and one-sheet right here waiting for you.

New Poster Proves Simon Pegg Has A Fantastic Fear of Everything ... Especially Wearing Pants

Well now. Not sure if we ever wanted to see this much of Simon Pegg, but hey, we all suffer for our craft. Somewhere out there right now shamed political figure Anthony Weiner is green with jealousy! Check out the, ummm, eye candy!

In Case You Missed it ... Indomina Nabs The Imposter

Not sure why this is making the news rounds again as it's pretty old, but in any event, here we go again. Indomina Releasing will be releasing their Sundance catch, The Imposter at an undetermined date some time this July.

New Trailer and Stills: Simon Pegg in A Fantastic Fear of Everything

While most of the country is out with their families having Easter dinner or hunting for eggs, we're right here - keyboard in hand - bringing you the latest. Why? Because we're heathens and our real family is YOU! Speaking of which, you owe us a backlog of Xmas and birthday gifts!

Win a Copy of The Pack and Outcast on DVD

Sitting around doing nothing watching the same old crap on TV, are ya? Well, we have a chance for you to fix that problem ... on us! That's right, kids! It's once again time to give away some goodies!

The Pack Ready to Be Unleashed in Your House

The foreign creature feature The Pack is AVAILABLE NOW courtesy of our friends over at Bloody Disgusting Selects and Indomina Releasing. Check out a couple of new clips here to help you decide whether you're ready for the carnage to come!

An Outcast is Coming Home

And the fine folks over at Bloody Disgusting and The Collective continue their reign of DVD fire with yet another acquisition of quality indie goodness. Next on tap... the creature feature Outcast.

The Fever Continues - Cabin Fever: Patient Zero and Cabin Fever: Outbreak on the Way!

Terror in the flesh returns as the Indomina Group is poised to bring us not one, but two more sequels to the hit Eli Roth film Cabin Fever! Read on for the first details regarding both!

Simon Pegg Appears Scared as Hell in First A Fantastic Fear of Everything Image

The first ever image from Crispian Mills' A Fantastic Fear of Everything is here just in time for the upcoming AFM, and even though it's on the small side, it shrieks volumes! Dig it!

Romp Through the Devil's Playground with Two New Clips!

We've been waiting for the latest chiller from the UK, Devil's Playground, for a while here in the States, and finally the flick hits home video this week from Vivendi. To celebrate its arrival, we have two new clips for you! Dig it!

Exclusive New Stills - Devil's Playground

Here at Dread Central we've been waiting for the zombie apocalypse to arrive for the full five years we've been kicking around. Hopefully it'll come before we're forced to get real jobs and become part of America's work force. Actually ... scratch that. America barely has a work force, and we're lucky to be able to do what we do for a living. In any event Z-day is at the very least on its way to DVD!

Stateside Trailer for The Pack is Mighty Familiar

We in the US finally have our own official trailer of Franck Richard's The Pack (La Meute), which will be hitting U.S. shores on September 27th. But if you've already seen the UK version, then you've pretty much seen everything this has to offer.