Black Swan Sweeps Up Four Major Film Independent Spirit Awards

Now this is some award show news we are definitely happy to report! Black Swan took home four major prizes from the 2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards.

Dread Central to Celebrate Indie Horror Month in March

While we love covering horror movies of all shapes and sizes, the staff at Dread Central has always fostered a deep-rooted appreciation for the independent horror movement that has been alive and kicking for over 90 years now.

New Stills and a Clip from Dave Zagorski's Killing Brooke

It's no secret we're big champions of indie films at Dread Central, and one we're keeping a close eye on is writer/director Dave Zagorski's Killing Brooke, which he calls "an intense thriller that twists the survival horror genre on its head." To keep the momentum for the film going, he's provided us with some new stills and a clip. Synopsis:

What's Next for Indie Filmmaker Jacob Cooney?

A short while ago we ran a story on Jacob Cooney's short film "The Frolic", and as if to prove that the only way to get ahead in this business is to work your ass off, Cooney dropped us a line with some early details on the not just one or two new projects he working on, but rather the SIX films the writer/director/producer is in various stages of development and involvement with.

Attend the LA Premiere of The Dead Matter on the Queen Mary

Now THIS is how to screen a movie: A very special showing of The Dead Matter, the largest Dead Matter cast reunion of the year, Q&A session, signing, and the first West Coast appearance from Midnight Syndicate's Edward Douglas in several years is happening THIS SATURDAY (September 18th) at Ghost Fest Expo 4 on board the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, California!

San Antonio Horrific Film Festival Kicks Off This Week!

The third annual San Antonio Horrific Film Festival starts on the evening of Wednesday, August 25th, with a whole lot of independent film goodness, celebs, and rock and roll.

Box of Shadows Composer Named

Every good horror movie needs a good score to accompany it to help bring on the shivers, and today some good news just broke tune-wise for Mauro Borrelli's upcoming spooker Box of Shadows.

Box of Shadows Behind-the-Scenes Webisodes Now Online

Some pretty neat webisodes have popped up online for Mauro Borrelli's Box of Shadows, and we figured we'd point you to them so you can drink up some spooky to get you through this Monday afternoon!

DVD Signing for Someone's Knocking at the Door and Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!

One of the most insane directors working on the indie side of the genre nowadays is undoubtedly Chad Ferrin, and on June 5th those of you in and around the Burbank area will have a chance to meet the madman himself along with the stars of his two films Someone's Knocking at the Door and Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! at a DVD signing to be held at Dark Delicacies.

Distribution News for Midnight Syndicate's The Dead Matter

You know that expression "If you want something done right, do it yourself"? Well, in the case of Midnight Syndicate's upcoming DVD release of The Dead Matter, we've gotten word from the film’s director, Edward Douglas, that he's doing just that. He's keeping it indie and distributing it himself ... with a little help from Hot Topic stores nationwide.

Stumpf, Brandon (Beg, Spilt Milk, D.I.D.)

Brandon Stumpf may not be a household name to horror fans, but versatility has been the key to Stumpf's success in mainstream and indep

Exclusive Interview with Brandon Stumpf: Good Guy, Bad-Ass, and Spinach Eater!

Brandon Stumpf may not be a household name to horror fans, but versatility has been the key to Stumpf's success in mainstream and independent films, and once filmmakers see him in his upcoming role as Steve Ryan in Kevin MacDonald's Beg, it's likely we'll start seeing him in other genre projects. This writer recently had the pleasure of interviewing the actor, who is also a full-time art teacher.

Want to Make a Horror Movie? Attend the Horror Film Boot Camp!

Are you serious about wanting to write, direct, or produce a horror film but are having trouble putting your project together? Do you feel close to getting a horror film project going but are held back by gaps in your knowledge, skills, and connections? Then the Horror Film Boot Camp could be your ticket to success!

New and Improved Box of Shadows Website and Trailer

Things are moving at lightning's pace for Mauro Borrelli's Box of Shadows. It seems like every week something new about the film is getting released. Next up - a brand new website and trailer!

Exclusive: Cuyle Carvin Talks Acting in Horror Films, His Love of the Paranormal, and More

The name Cuyle Carvin may not be instantly recognizable to Dread Central readers, but the 29-year-old is a veteran of several horror films including Fog Warning, Assault of the Sasquatch (also known as Sasquatch Ass