Exclusive Clip Offers a Raw Cut

We told you about Raw Cut, the flick about a group of kids who get slaughtered while making a found footage movie, a few days ago; and now, because we move so damned quickly, we have an exclusive clip and the first stills to go along with the previously released trailer. Dig 'em!

Live-In Fear - First Trailer and Artwork

It's been well over a year since last we heard anything about the indie feature Live-In Fear, but that's about to change right now as we have the trailer, the artwork, and even some premiere news for you cats to chew on! Dig it!

Come Back to Me for an Exclusive Clip and New Artwork

On tap right now are a really creepy clip and the final poster art for the psycho-looking new film Come Back to Me (review). Check them out, and look for more on this one as soon as we get it! Gonna be a heavy week, folks! Get set!

FPS - First Person Shooter (2014)

Starring Stephan Weyte, Sebastian Kettner, Atlanta Luetzelschwab, Achim Lützelschwab Directed by Andreas Tom

Come Back to Me (2014)

Starring Katie Walder, Nathan Keyes, Matt Passmore, Maura West Directed by Paul Leyden

New Hellyfish Trailer Washes Ashore

A new trailer for the horror comedy Hellyfish has arrived. It's Friday! You want chicks in bikinis with rocket launchers? Check! Giant man-eating jellyfish? Triple check! Need we say more? Read on for the goods.

Your Favorite Movies Home to the Ghosts of the Odeon

Old movie theaters can be home to plenty of ghosts. We're talking lots of energy.... from the audiences themselves to even the movies that played there. Sound intriguing? Then you'll be very interested to check out the Ghosts of the Odeon.

Explosive New Science Team Trailer Hits with a Splat

On tap right now is a headsy trailer (you'll get it once you watch it) for the upcoming horror comedy Science Team. Be warned though... although it's pretty much safe for work, you may wanna keep the volume low and be careful whom you watch it around.

Crazy Hillbillies Make the Raw Cut

Behold, kids! A movie about a group of kids who get slaughtered while making a found footage movie! A new horror trope is born! Read on for your first details, artwork, and trailer for the upcoming indie flick Raw Cut. Let's hope that found footage filmmakers take the hint!

Take a Sneak Peek Inside Facility 31

Just yesterday we told you about the new UK flick Facility 31, and now we have a special never-before-seen sneak peek of the flick. The "never-before-seen" thing only applies to those who haven't seen it yet so screw you with your claims of false advertising! Enjoy!

Facility 31 Goes Up for Sale

There's no question that long deserted structures have always been a go-to location in terms of great settings for horror movies. The truth is they're damned spooky places even in broad daylight. The next flick to explore this kind of unique locale is Facility 31, and we've got your details right here, cold and twitching.

New Trailer for The Drownsman Washes Up

Another flick playing as part of the 2014 Fantasia Film Festival is The Drownsman, and in honor of its premiere there, we now have a new trailer. Check it out!

Dark Mountain (2014)

Starring Sage Howard, Andrew Simpson, and Shelby Stehlin Directed by Tara Anaïse Distributed by Gravitas Ventures

Proxy Comes Home Via IFC Midnight

IFC Midnight just sent over the skinny regarding their DVD and Blu-ray release of Zack Parker's latest, Proxy (review). Read on for artwork and details.

Found Footage Uncovered in a Dark Mountain

Yep, more footage has been found, kids. Are you ready to relive the last few moments of the lives of a group of people who were poking around where they shouldn't have been? Read on to find out if you should start planning your trip to a Dark Mountain.