Smothered (2014)

Starring Bill Moseley, Brea Grant, Don Shanks, Kane Hodder, R.A. Mihailoff Directed by John Schneider

Borgman Hits Theaters Tomorrow; Watch the First Five Minutes Today!

The more I see of Borgman (review), the more interested I become in seeing more, and today we've got our hands on a whole lot more than we've ever seen in the past.

Stage Fright Gearing Up to Sing its Heart Out on Home Video

Every bit of artwork we have seen for the horror musical Stage Fright (review) has been great. Let's hope that trend extends to its Blu-ray and DVD release. Given all the goodies we've gotten already, if we get some ugly eyesore, we shall riot!

New Adam K. Still Does NOT Want to be Noticed

Another still has arrived for Joston Theney's new project Adam K., and we have this bad boy for you right here. The still features Sarah Nicklin as "Amanda Cole," who's apparently trying desperately to avoid the warm, bloody embrace of the flick's big bad.

Crawlspace Trailer Adds Some Horror to Your Hulu

Hulu Plus has just launched the trailer for its latest horror acquisition, Crawlspace, and you can check it out with just a quick click of your mouse. Isn't technology grand? I remember the days when we had to go to movie theatres to see trailers, and even then we couldn't rewatch 'em!

Exclusive Clip Takes You Deep Inside Willow Creek

On tap right now is an exclusive clip from the upcoming sliver of sasquatchploitation from Bobcat Goldthwait, Willow Creek (review). What better way could there be to spend your hump day? Dig it!

Spend Nearly 4 Minutes With The Bonesetter

Next out of the gate for you indie horror loving cats is a new sneak peek from the next flick from Brett Kelly, The Bonesetter! Even the title unnerves us a bit. Check it out along with the previously released trailer, artwork and details.

New Horror Documentary Comes in Pieces

There's no question that lately there's been a resurgence in horror anthology films, due in no small part to the success of the V/H/S franchise, and now one indie filmmaker is taking a look at the subgenre with the doc We Come in Pieces: The Rebirth of the Horror Anthology Film.

First Trailer Submerged Online

THR nailed down the exclusive premiere of the trailer for Steven C. Miller's next film, Submerged, and we have it for you right here. Will it make you drown in fear or is it just all wet? Knowing Miller's track record for quality terror flicks I know which we're betting on! Grab a life preserver and dive in!

Watch Slugger Right Now!

We told you about the indie short film Slugger around a week or so ago, but right now we have the whole enchilada ready and waiting for your immediate consumption. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

New Mischief Night Video Salutes Slashers

After Dark Originals has released the long talked about flick Mischief Night on DVD (plus Digital UltraViolet), Digital HD, and Video on Demand today and right now we have a pretty damned cool video salute to all the slashers who cut out their niche before it! Check it out!

First Trailer for Road Trip of the Dead Sees its Dawn

On tap right now is the first trailer for director William Sanders nostalgic look at the locations used in George A. Romero's seminal classic Dawn of the Dead, entitled fittingly enough Road Trip of the Dead.

WolfCop (2014)

Starring Leo Fafard, Jonathan Cherry, Amy Matysio, Sarah Lind, Aidan Devine, Corrine Conley Written and directed by Lowell Dean

Remains of Dawn Doe Properly Marked Thanks to Marilyn Wick of Costume World and Road Trip of the Dead Team

There's a reason one of those skeletons in Dawn of the Dead looked so real. Because it was! Yikes! After more than three decades, the remains of Dawn Doe are finally memorialized properly thanks to Marilyn Wick and the team behind the upcoming film Road Trip of the Dead.

The El Chupugcabra Ready to Take a Bite Out of Your Day

Filmmaker Aaron B. Koontz (Malevolence) dropped us a line via Facebook to let us know that his latest short, Chupugcabra, is now available for mass consumption! So sit up, roll over, play dead, and start watching!