Cannibal Flesh Riot (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring David Backus, Dustin Loreque, Vince Buckley, Bud Campbell, Shanna Fleischeiker, D.W. Frydendall Directed by Gris Grimly Distributed by Mad Creator Productions

Ten Years of The Blair Witch Project

Wow. I remember a cubicle I had at one of my old jobs that I hung a piece of teaser art for The Blair Witch Project (the one on your right, as a matter of fact) in, which always got a lot of attention from fellow co-workers who had heard about this supposedly “found footage” of a group of campers who run afoul of the titular woods-dwelling hag.

Mold! The Movie About Killer Mold!

Killer mold! Ever since I saw that blasted Dungeons & Dragons movie and came away profoundly disappointed by the lack of the inclusion of the creeping crud, I've been jonesing to see people get killed by killer mold. Now I'll get my wish. The title of this film? Mold!

Exclusive Silent Night, Zombie Night Pics; Director Speaks!

Don’t let the title Silent Night, Zombie Night fool you. While writer/director Sean Cain is clearly paying homage to the campy 80s slasher flick Silent Night, Deadly Night, there’s nothing campy about his latest film.

DVD Releases: A Whole Lotta Huh?

A bunch of stuff you’ve likely never heard of hits DVD this Tuesday, January 27th, 2009. Will there be a gem or two among them? Only one way to find out!

Colin (2008)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Alastair Kirton, Daisy Aitkens, Kate Alderman, Kerry Owen Directed by Marc Price

Indie Star Turns Indie Director for Expermiment 7

Joe Davison, star of 100 Tears (review), Fearmakers and more indie horrors, has just announced his debut as both writer and director. It’s called Experiment 7 and will feature a virtual who’s-who of the indie scene, including directorial pieces shot by two other well-known indie horror helmers.

8 Shorts to Die For Winners Announced!

All right, it’s been a long, hard road but finally our celebrity judges have settled on the winners in our “8 Shorts to Die For” short film competition, brought to you by After Dark Films! The winning video, the creator of which will be receiving a 120G Video iPod pre-loaded with previous Horrorfest entries, is MJ Dixon’s “Eye Spy”! Huge congrats to Dixon, now dig the movie below!

Exclusive Interview: Dark Moon Rising: Sid Haig!

The final installment of our exclusive Dark Moon Rising video interview series is ready, and we've saved the best for last! That's right, folks; sit back and get ready to spend a little time with the one and only Sid Haig!

Something Familiar About This Alien Uprising

Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't we mere days away from the start of 2009? Isn't it a little late in the game to be producing blatant knock-offs of the Alien movies?

Header & Sick Girl DVD Updates

Though they may take a very, very long time to get the films out there, you really can’t deny that it’s more than worth the wait for anything Synapse Films does these days. Their years-in-the-making DVD of Home Sick is the latest example, and recently president Don May, Jr. talked about two more upcoming releases that I’m sure will prove my point.

Exclusive: First Look at Brainjacked Trailer!

The very cool guys behind the upcoming indie feature Brainjacked just dropped the official trailer for the film in our laps as an early Christmas present to gore fans everywhere!

Full Details for Serial Killer Shocker Abundant Sunshine

It's hard to tell if Abundant Sunshine is yet another boring and redundant trip into cinéma-vérité land or an actual disturbing piece of cinema documenting the works of a dedicated family man who spent ten years living a double life as a serial killer. You see, he videotaped all his crimes, always a good idea, and when the police find the tapes, all the truth comes crashing down.

Red Walking Distance Trailer Now Online!

Just a couple of days ago we provided you with an exclusive first look at the "Black" trailer for indie director Mel House's new project, Walking Distance.

Dead by Dawn Teaser Lives

An update just fell into our inbox from the guys at Backwoods Entertainment about their follow up to the well-received indie Marcus (review), Dead by Dawn. Yeah, I know, not the most inspired of titles, is it?