Blood Predator (2009)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Merry Simkins, Bill Devlin, Rayne Aspergen, Mark Irvingsen, Jackie Freed Written and Directed by Paul Gagne

New Bio-Slime Pics

While we’re still waiting to find out when we’ll actually get to see John Lechago’s awesomely-titled Bio-Slime for ourselves, the sickos over at Undead Backbrain just nabbed a slew of exclusive images from the upcoming sci-fi/horror hybrid, one of which you can see on your right.

Horror Host Doc American Scary Heads Home!

As a long-time horror fan, some of my best memories are growing up watching cheesy movies being hosted by Elvira and even Svengoolie, a Chicago horror host hero. So I was more than a little excited when I heard that the horror host retrospective American Scary was coming out on DVD February 17th, 2009.

Exclusive: First Look at Olen Ray's Dire Wolf!

From the creator of Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers comes the gory prehistoric mutant monster rampage Dire Wolf. Prepare to experience "One Terror B.C."

No Protection Can Save You from the Vaginal Holocaust!

Just when I thought I'd never have as good a headline as "The Sinful Dwarf is Coming" another flick with an incredible title gets dropped into my lap. Where will you be when the Vaginal Holocaust begins?

Hollywood Film Festival Open for Submissions

Think you have what it takes to make it as a filmmaker? Hollywood Film Festival, which runs October 21-26, 2009, is now accepting entries in the categories of comedy, drama, and horror features, documentaries, shorts, and music videos.

Exclusive: Alicia Conway Talks Rite

Director Alicia Conway didn’t always love movies. In fact, growing up most of her interests revolved around the worlds of art, photography, and psychology. It wasn’t until later that Conway realized that the medium of film allowed her to incorporate all the things she loved into one art form. From there, she was hooked.

Cannibal Flesh Riot (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring David Backus, Dustin Loreque, Vince Buckley, Bud Campbell, Shanna Fleischeiker, D.W. Frydendall Directed by Gris Grimly Distributed by Mad Creator Productions

Ten Years of The Blair Witch Project

Wow. I remember a cubicle I had at one of my old jobs that I hung a piece of teaser art for The Blair Witch Project (the one on your right, as a matter of fact) in, which always got a lot of attention from fellow co-workers who had heard about this supposedly “found footage” of a group of campers who run afoul of the titular woods-dwelling hag.

Mold! The Movie About Killer Mold!

Killer mold! Ever since I saw that blasted Dungeons & Dragons movie and came away profoundly disappointed by the lack of the inclusion of the creeping crud, I've been jonesing to see people get killed by killer mold. Now I'll get my wish. The title of this film? Mold!

Exclusive Silent Night, Zombie Night Pics; Director Speaks!

Don’t let the title Silent Night, Zombie Night fool you. While writer/director Sean Cain is clearly paying homage to the campy 80s slasher flick Silent Night, Deadly Night, there’s nothing campy about his latest film.

DVD Releases: A Whole Lotta Huh?

A bunch of stuff you’ve likely never heard of hits DVD this Tuesday, January 27th, 2009. Will there be a gem or two among them? Only one way to find out!

Colin (2008)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Alastair Kirton, Daisy Aitkens, Kate Alderman, Kerry Owen Directed by Marc Price

Indie Star Turns Indie Director for Expermiment 7

Joe Davison, star of 100 Tears (review), Fearmakers and more indie horrors, has just announced his debut as both writer and director. It’s called Experiment 7 and will feature a virtual who’s-who of the indie scene, including directorial pieces shot by two other well-known indie horror helmers.

8 Shorts to Die For Winners Announced!

All right, it’s been a long, hard road but finally our celebrity judges have settled on the winners in our “8 Shorts to Die For” short film competition, brought to you by After Dark Films! The winning video, the creator of which will be receiving a 120G Video iPod pre-loaded with previous Horrorfest entries, is MJ Dixon’s “Eye Spy”! Huge congrats to Dixon, now dig the movie below!