New Goodies Unwrapped For A Cadaver Christmas!

Christmas has come a little early for indie horror fans with a truly sick sense of humor! That's right, kids! Spike the eggnog, chain up the elves and get ready for another peek at some upcoming yuletide madness!

Michael Madsen Gets Infected

Actor Michael Madsen is making his living lately by dabbling in the bizarre world of low-budget terror tales. While we're happy to have him plying his trade to our genre, it is hard not to hope that the quality of the roles that he's choosing picks up a bit. Maybe his next film, Infected, will do the trick!

Exclusive Stills and Early Details on Madison County

Some of my favorite horror movies feature hot young people roaming into places they have no business going - like The Ruins, Friday the 13th, and Wrong Turn 2 to name just a few. Well, horror fiends, there's a new group of victims lining up in Madison County, an upcoming indie horror flick that is gearing up for production this September in Arkansas.

The Victim Lands a Killer Cast

In this crazy day and age we find ourselves sometimes envying the loners out there who keep to themselves. Of course said quiet existence is on the verge of being ruined at any second by pesky people. Especially people on the run from a psychopath.

Trailer Debut: Sean Cain's Breath of Hate

Finally, after months of talking about it, the trailer debut for Sean Cain's latest film, Breath of Hate, is upon us; and we have to admit star Ezra Buzzington appears to be gloriously psychotic!

Fantasia 2010: Disturbing New Stills - A Serbian Film

When it comes to disturbing, violent, tasteless, and brutal it doesn't get much worse than Srdjan Spasojevic's A Serbian Film or Srpski Film. Don't believe us?

The Monsters in the Woods Rear Their Heads

You see? This is reason #89 while I will always remain a damned city boy. No matter how you slice it there is stuff happening deep within the woods that I want absolutely no part of! From inbred mutants to well, yes, monsters, you just never know what is gonna smack you in the face (thereby tearing it off and sending it sailing through the air) next.

Trailer Debut: The Deafening Screams Of Silence

The death of a loved one can sometimes be way too much for a person to bear. There's no doubt grief can make us do strange things that we normally wouldn't, but according to the new indie terror tale from director Jeremiah Sayys, Of Silence, it can also push us to the brink of terror and madness!

Film4 Fright Fest '10: The Dead Rot

Another movie making its debut at the Film4 FrightFest is the new African zombie flick The Dead from co-directors Howard J. Ford and Jonathan Ford. Why are we so excited? Do we really need to say more than African zombies? Get ready to dig upon a new still of a creature that's definitely seen better days!

Wolf Moon (DVD)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Max Ryan, Ginny Weirick, Maria Conchita Alonso, Chris Mulkey, Billy Drago, Sid Haig, Lin Shaye Directed by Dana Mennie Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Creep Creepersin to Helm Renegade: Rebel Patriot

Prolific low-budget filmmaker Creep Creepersin (the man behind the features Orgy of Blood, Vaginal Holocaust and Caged Lesbos A-Go-Go and the recently-wrapped Lake Death) got in touch with Dread to give us the lowdown on his latest production, the in-development and not-so-low-budget feature Renegade: Rebel Patriot.

More Info on Carnies

Personally speaking, one film I've been looking forward to forever is Brian Corder's Carnies. Headlined by two classy genre greats (Reggie Bannister and Doug Jones), it's a premise that every genre fan has got to love. And we've got some more info to help whet your appetite! C'mon in and check it out!

Everybody Fears Raymond in New Slasher Flick - Raymond Did It

Echoes of the original Prom Night abound plot-wise in the new indie slasher flick Raymond Did It, and we've got the trailer locked and loaded for ya.

Trailer: Indie Feature My Place in the Horror

A new trailer has hit online for the upcoming indie effort My Place in the Horror, and while the trailer itself is damned interesting, it has really reminded me what an incredible voice actor Keith David has. This dude should be narrating EVERYTHING!

Bitchin' New Artwork: Closed for the Season

Genre poster art has for too long been dominated by the floating heads of pensive teens. Hollywood churns these puppies out one-by-one. Leave it to the indie filmmakers to get things right!