New Trailer and Hilarious Ad - Dead Hooker in a Trunk

Sometimes the title of a movie can say it all, and then other times -- no matter how weird or disturbing -- it can't possibly say enough. This one of those times.

More Nazi Zombies Running Wild in A Chance in Hell

The popularity of the Nazi zombie is a bit of an enigma, probably because it's like having two ultimate bad guys rolled into one mean, murderous package. Ain't nothing wrong with that!

Terror Lies Under Still Waters for IFC

IFC is further building out its horror/thriller brand with the latest film from director Carolyn Miller that gives us yet another reason to never pick up strangers.

SenoReality Wraps a New Short Film - Time's Up, Eve

SenoReality Pictures, in association with Free State Studios, has just wrapped production on a new short film entitled "Time's Up, Eve", a supernatural thriller set in the 1940's starring Sharon Wright and Ari Bavel.

4:20 Becomes the Night of the Living Heads

We can't think of a better way to send off 4:20 than with a clip, a trailer, and the news that George A. Taramas and Michael Gruosso's horror comedy Night of the Living Heads has wrapped. We eagerly await it being split into ounces and distributed accordingly.

Unnerving New Trailer for Indie Flick Re-Cut

There's just something so sinister about the sound of a child's voice when singing. Hell, if The Shining proved anything, it's that little kids just standing around can be frightening when in the right hands! Both of those elements are present and accounted for in the latest trailer for the upcoming indie film Re-Cut ... and so much more!

Zombies and Monsters Set to Administer a Mind Rip

Two of our favorite things -- monsters and zombies -- together in one flick? Where do we sign up!?!? John David Vincent and Philrose Productions' new flick Mind Rip is on the way, and we've got a host of stuff for you to peruse to get yourselves set!

Deformities Run Amok in New Stills From The Millennium Bug

Some more stills of ... well ... let's just say really odd things have surfaced today for the Cran Brothers' latest film, The Millennium Bug, and we have your hot ticket to a gaggle of misshapen goodness!

First Images From Sucker

The first two images from Michael (Babysitter Wanted) Manasseri's new flick featuring a Man-squito, entitled Sucker, have popped up online, and we have them for you free of any nagging itching.

Finally a Trailer for Bigfoot at Holler Creek Canyon

And the Sasquatchploitation train keeps on a rollin', baby! Though this one is way late in pulling into the station. Bigfoot at Holler Creek Canyon was completed in 2006 but has not seen the light of day since. Thankfully we finally have a trailer to dig on!

15 Till Midnight Begins Principal Photography

Never mind 3:15; 15 Till Midnight is looking to be the new time for people to tune in for terror, and now that principal photography is under way, zero hour could arrive before you know it!

Demons Need Love Too in The Shriven

You can't expect a demonic entity to roam the planet causing mayhem, death, carnage, and the like without a little companionship, can you? Yep, even the most evil of us out there need some loving every now and again, and that's exactly what these creatures set out to find in the new indie flick The Shriven.

Zombies Lose Their Heads in New Broken Springs Clip

Anybody reading this ever drink moonshine? Let me warn you from personal experience it is some potent shit that you should be really careful with. Some batches are strong enough to raise the dead, I tell ya! Speaking of which ...

James Duval Heads to Noirland! First Teaser and Images

Indie director Ramzi Abed (The Devil's Muse, In a Spiral State) is back with another slice of headsy goodness with his lastest film Noirland, and we've got your first look and info!

Slime City Massacre Official Trailer Now Live!

It's been almost exactly one year to the day since we first started reporting on director Gregory Lamberson's Slime City Massacre, and now we finally have a trailer to go with the poster and character sheets released thus far.