Happy Cloud Pictures Prepping Not-So-Happy Razor Days

Pennsylvania-based independent production company Happy Cloud Pictures is set to begin production on its sixth feature film, Razor Days, a grim story of survival and revenge starring Amy Lynn Best and Debbie Rochon.

Renfield: The Un-Dead Takes a Bite out of AFM 2010

Hot on the heels of their successful premiere at the Bram Stoker Film Festival last month (click here for details and photos from that event), the folks behind Renfield: The Un-Dead are taking AFM by storm and in character.

AFM 2010: Trailer and Art - It Was a Black '67

There are tons of movies on sale and seeking distro here at AFM, and we're doing our best to weed through the masses and find the horror flicks that will be close to your black little hearts. Case in point - It Was a Black '67.

AFM 2010: Name Change and New Artwork - Spiders 3D

Day Two of our throng of AFM coverage begins with a slight adjustment regarding the latest giant arachnid run amok flick, Spiders 3D. Apparently this eight-legged freak won't be going solo! That's right, kids. Directed by Tibor Takacs, the movie formerly known as Spider 3D is now Spiders 3D. Plural. Dig on the updated artwork below.

AFM 2010: Early Sales Art - Wolf Town

Just a couple of days ago we told you that the upcoming wolves run amok flick, Wolf Town, is now in post production, and what did we come across today? Sales art! Oh, AFM. You beautiful bitch!

AFM 2010: Six Bits of Art for The Day

That damned pesky apocalypse is rearing its head again, and humanity is about to pay and pay big time in this latest siege warfare based indie action thriller, The Day.

AFM 2010: A Serbian Film Gets US Distro and More!

The "feel good movie of the century", A Serbian Film, has caused quite a stir around the world during its festival run, and ever since word starting spreading about how crazed this flick is, we've been wondering how, or even if, it would get distro here in the States. Wonder no more.

If a Tree Falls (2010)

Reviewed by Mr. Dark Starring Ryan Barrett, Jennifer De Lucia, Daniel Zuccala, Breanne TeBoekhorst Directed by Philip Carrer

AFM 2010: Wolf Town Almost Ready to Visit

A little bit of news seeping out of AFM concerning the upcoming wolve's run amok flick, Wolf Town which we told you about a while back ... the movie is currently in post production so expect to see more ... lots more about it soon.

Halloween Treat - See the First 16 Minutes of In Memorium

The success of the Paranormal Activity franchise has done a lot of good for not only our genre but for the indie filmmakers working within it. Case in point - Amanda Gusack's cinéma-vérité style spooker, In Memorium.

Rodrigo Cortés is Ready to Emergo

Emergo! No, not that gimmick from William Castle's House on Haunted Hill in which an inflatable skeleton was sent flying over theatre-goers heads, though that was supremely cool.

Watch This Trailer For Orcs! or They Will Eat Your Face Off!

How shocking is it to know that a movie has finally been made about rampaging Orcs and Syfy has nothing to do with it?

Michael Rooker Points His Director's Chair Toward Pennhurst

Actor Michael Rooker has done a lot within our genre. From the stirring Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer to the upcoming series "The Walking Dead", the man has become not only a horror favorite but also a staple.

Flaccid Vampire Wayne Gretzky Suffers from Limptooth

Apparently vampires aren't exactly without their own unique set of problems. At least that's what the Highland Film Group are out to prove with their latest flick, Limptooth.

Shortell, Andrew (Psych: 9)

Now that Los Angeles’ film festival laureate Screamfest LA is off and running from October 8-17 at the Mann’s 6 in Hollywood, CA, we're wrapping up our interview series with directors who have films in the fest. Our last installment: Andrew Shortell and Psych: 9.