Are You Ready to Find Out What is Scary?

So really, dearest reader, what scares you the most? Speaking for myself, the answer is clear: the enigma that is Don King's Afro and the mystery that it represents. Okay, never mind ... it is frightening though. Filmmaker Adam Barnick has gone to great lengths to try and answer this question, and his new documentary, What is Scary?, is almost ready to shed some light on the subject.

Indie Horror Film Director to Suffer A Thousand Cuts

The thought of art imitating life can truly be a scary notion. For many years the mentally unstable have committed countless heinous crimes and blamed them all on music, movies, video games, etc. The new film A Thousand Cuts is set to explore this idea in the most terrifying of ways.

Gregory Lamberson's Slime City Massacre Acquired by Media Blasters

One film that's been on our radar for quite some time is Gregory Lamberson's Slime City Massacre so we're glad to report it now has official distribution. Media Blasters has acquired the North American rights to the film and will release it on DVD, VOD, and Blu-ray in 2011. From the Press Release:

Exclusive: Tim Sullivan Comes Aboard Cut/Print

We’ve been sitting on our hands with this one for a few weeks (we actually were on set so stay tuned for that report soon), but given the buzz currently surrounding filmmaker Tim Sullivan’s latest splat-stick effort "I Was A Teenage Werebear" (his recently wrapped segment of the anthology film Chillerama; see our exclusive on that here<

Witch's Brew Stirs Up An Inebriated Trailer

When the ever vigilant Avery sent me over word of a new horror film titled Witch's Brew, I was disappointed to learn it was not based on the penny machine of the same name I once won $50 on at a local casino. This Witch's Brew is a gross-out horror comedy about the gory things that happen when beermakers piss off mistresses of the dark arts.

The Frolic Short Film Now Available for Purchase or Download

We're always on the lookout for interesting sounding new films to clue you guys into, and an email that recently landed in our inbox from director Jacob Cooney details just such a project: a short film entitled "The Frolic" based on a short story of the same name by Thomas Ligotti. Here's the skinny:

Get a Load of the UK Trailer for A Serbian Film

Leaving a seemingly endless trail of controversy in its wake, Srdjan Spasojevic’s ruthless A Serbian Film will soon be unleashed (albeit in a heavily cut form) on the population of the UK. To help with the anticipation, we have a look at the UK trailer for you!

Blood & Dust Trailer and One-Sheet Debut

As promised last week, Trickster Moon Productions has unveiled both the trailer and poster for its in-the-works short film "Blood & Dust". In addition, they are taking a unique approach to the great and important task of raising funds to make their movie, more details of which follow. Synopsis:

Indie Scream Queen Scarlet Salem Puts Her Potpourri In Harm's Way

Some news on a couple of films coming out in 2011 from Minnesota. Indie horror Scream Queen Scarlet Salem, the very woman who has the pleasure of seeing famous horror author Joe Knetter's wonderful ass tattoo each and every day (lucky girl), has a role in each film. Let's take a quick look at both!

Another New Teaser One-Sheet - Job

Some movies take years to cook and ferment before they can get made. Sadly this happens for a variety of reasons. Job is just such a project, and we're told that it's finally in the latter stages of development. Either way, a new teaser one-sheet was sent our way and we have it for you right here.

Cinéma-vérité Chills Streaming Now - In Memorium

One haunted flick we've been curious about for a while now has been Amanda Gusack's cinéma-vérité style spooker, In Memorium. Finally, after years in development and a successful online viewing of the film's first sixteen minutes, the whole enchilada is available for public consumption.

The Zombie Girl is Back with More Horror in My Sucky Teen Romance and YOU Can Help!

Emily Hagins is a bit of a horror enigma. At just twelve years old she created her first zombie film, Pathogen, which was the subject of a documentary about the making of that film called Zombie Girl: The Movie, and now she's back to create more gore-soaked havoc with My Sucky Teen Romance.

Have a Ghastly Time in the Witches Playground

The upcoming indie feature Witches Playground is trying its hardest to get off the ground, and damn it we're here to try and give it a bit of a push. Check out the "first look" trailer and artwork, and give us your verdict! Yea or nay?

Michael Biehn Takes on Directorial Role with The Victim

Interesting news coming out of the camp of the indie feature The Victim. It seems as if actor Michael Biehn has flexed his directing muscle as well on this latest thriller. From the Press Release:

Blinky - The Hot New Christmas Toy that Will Most Likely Murder Everyone You Know!

Every holiday season there is at least one toy or piece of tech on the market that has everyone near killing each other to get. Long lines. Outrageous price gougers on eBay. No matter what financial and mental peril lay ahead of us as consumers, we shrug off the challenge. But what happens when the hot item turns deadly?