Brand New Rubber Trailer Rolls on In

Words alone cannot describe exactly how stoked we are for Rubber, the tale of a psychotic tire run amok! After seeing this latest trailer we're absolutely over the moon! The flick will hit VOD on February 25th with a limited theatrical run to follow on April 1st via Magnet.

A Quick Look at Juan of the Dead

A special sneak peek of the upcoming horror comedy from Havana, Juan of the Dead, has shambled its way online, and we've got every cigar stinkin' second of it for you right here! Juan De Los Muertos, as it's known in its homeland, is a co-production among Spain, Mexico, and Cuba budgeted at 1.3 million Euros. Synopsis

Get out Your Bandages! There's a Bleading Lady on Her Way to Home Video

Another slasher flick from Ryan Nicholson is officially on its way to home video and we have all the details you need in order to decide if this is one chick you may want to pick up or not. From the Press Release

New Trailer Hits You in the Gut

The first word on a new indie film from writer / director Elias has come our way along with some artwork and a trailer, and like the good little devils that we are, we figured that we'd share! Gut stars Jason Vail, Nicholas Wilder, Sarah Schoofs, Angie Bullaro, and Kirstianna and Kaitlyn Mueller, Maria Victoria, Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, and Karl Pfeiffer.

The Collapsed and Skull World Find Stable Distro

Two indie flicks from director Justin McConnell have nailed down some distro and we've got the skinny on each for you. Dig it!

Terror Has No Name in Untitled

Labels. Names. Whatever. People are always trying to put things in tiny boxes so that they can feel all cozy inside knowing that they perfectly understand everything around them. Sometimes, though, you just can't. Sometimes things are best left Untitled.

The Dead to Rise in Theatres

Excellent news coming in for fans looking forward to the Ford brothers' African zombie romp, The Dead! The movie will be headed to theatres! Dusty, dry, scary zombies the likes of which we haven't seen since Lucio Fulci's Zombie shambling and eating their way through cinemas? Can I get an amen?

Brazilians Seek to Survive The Night of the Chupacabras

Haven't heard much about the goatsucker in recent years. Seems ol' chupacabra has been laying low. That's about to change with a new b-movie from Brazil A Noite do Chupacabras, which translates to Night of the Chupacabras.

Keep Your Eye on this New One-Sheet for Rubber

Bouncing our way soon courtesy of Magnet will be Rubber, the tale of a psychotic tire run amok! To get things rolling for the film's release we just got our hands on a brand new one-sheet for you guys to dig upon! The flick will hit VOD on February 25th with a limited theatrical run to follow on April 1st.

Pin Remake on its Way with Original Director at Helm

Good news for those of you out there familiar with Sandor Stern's 1988 horror flick Pin! It looks as if there's a remake on the way, but fret not, this has Mr. Stern sitting pretty once again in the director's chair!

Idiot Gore Finds Its Killer: Sadie Grace is Ready for Her Close-Up!

Back in November Dread Central told you about an innovative “Create Your Own Killer” contest being held by writer/director Joshua Hull (Beverly Lane) for his upcoming horror comedy Idiot Gore.

First Poster and Trailer - Neve Campbell to Meet The Glass Man

It's good to see Scream star Neve Campbell back on the horror scene in terms of her acting career. With the long awaited Scream 4 hitting theatres in April, and now this, the first word on her latest film, The Glass Man, it looks as if 2011 is going to be quite the busy year for her.

Sundance 2011: Festival One-Sheet for The Oregonian

With the 2011 Sundance Film Festival literally right around the corner, the promo material for the few horror flicks playing there this year is slowly rolling out. Next up, the official festival one-sheet for Calvin Reeder's freaky looking flick, The Oregonian.

Trailer Exposes Underground Lizard People to the World

Move over, Cannabalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers. Here come the Underground Lizard People. ULP? Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as CHUD.

Javelina Brings Home the Bacon with a Side of Horror

No, Javelina is not a new superhero movie about a javelin-throwing female crimefighter. Javelina is another name for a peccary, a pig-like animal found in the American wild, the name being derived from its sharp tusks. Now I bet you can easily guess what the movie Javelina is about.