Bear Obsession Leads to Horror

Bears can be dangerous. Sometimes they don't know their own strength, and don't even get me started about the chafing caused by all that excessive leather. In fact, not even the best salve in th... what? Oh. That kind of bear. Ahem ... moving on.

Predator X Brings Xtinction to the Louisiana Swamps

The History Channel premiered a TV special titled "Predator X" back in 2009 unveiling the recently discovered fossils of the largest prehistoric sea monster on record: a 50-foot Pliosaur with the head of a T-Rex, the body of a giant whale, and enormous flippers.

Exclusive Night of the Little Dead Behind-the-Scenes Photos; Trailers Debut

This morning "Face/Off" reality television star and filmmaker/FX maestro Frank Ippolito chatted up his horror short Night of the Little Dead on KROQ’s "Kevin and Bean" radio show, so we thought it high time to bring you the first look at two new trailers for the film as well as a handful of exclusive monster-centric stills of the titular creature.

Garry Charles and Ron Purtee Team up for Inside

Garry Charles, author of Hammerhead: A Summer of Massacre, has joined forces with Ron Purtee, creator of The Social Media Massacre, and the dastardly duo have announced their upcoming film collaboration Inside.

Death From Above Trailer and Stills Descend

Kurt Angle as the leader of an evil pagan cult! Tom Savini as a hard-nosed sheriff! Psycho Sid Vicious as an asskicker in a muscle car! Throw in Maniac Cop Robert Z'Dar, a few more pro wrestling stars, and more Druids than an Undertaker ring entrance; and you get the recipe for Bruce Koehler's Death From Above.

Rubber Rolls on Home To Blu-ray and DVD

Robert, the evil sentient tire with a penchant for making people's heads explode(!), is getting ready to bounce onto home video courtesy of Magnet, and we've got all of the details you need! Look for the film on Blu-ray and DVD on June 7th, 2011.

New Trailer and TV Spots - More Untitled Terror

Damned be official titles! You don't need a clever moniker to bring on the chills, and a new indie flick coming out of the UK is here to prove that. Sit back, kids! You're gonna be here for a little while as there's lots of new stuff to dig upon!

Badass Trailer Debut - The Millennium Bug

You know what makes us happy? Practical effects work, giant monsters, and gore laid on so thick you have to fight your own legs not to stick to the floor. The latest trailer for the indie flick The Millennium Bug has all of that and then some. Folks, this is gonna be good and messy!

Brand New Trailer For The Night Shift Brings on the Goods!

Fighting Owl Films has released a new trailer for their independent feature film The Night Shift which will be complete within the next two weeks and is already in consideration for screening in several national and international film festivals. Dig on it here!

The Collingswood Story Screening Now Over - THANKS FOR JOINING US

We hope you have been enjoying our Indie Horror Month coverage, but believe us when we say we have saved the best for last. As a means to send the month out with a well placed shiver to cycle down your spine, we're going to be showing one of our favorite indie movies ever. Right here. ONE NIGHT ONLY. For FREE!

The Shroud Continues to Unfold - Read the Script NOW!

We didn't expect to have an update on The Shroud so soon, but Hollywood's wheels keep on spinning so we just have to try and keep up while keeping you up-to-date.

Aliens vs. Avatars Trailer Brings the Blue Cheese

A few weeks back we brought you the mind-blowing trailer for the zero budget superhero spoof The Amazing Bulk. While that film still seeks distribution, the filmmaker's next b-movie bonanza already has a trailer. It's not an April Fools Day prank. It's Aliens vs. Avatars, folks!

Exclusive First Word and Early Teaser Art - The Shroud

Here at Dread Central we get sent dozens of scripts a week. We're always happy (and a little shocked) when a young writer asks for our opinion on his or her work, but we like being here to lend a hand. A few days ago a script came our way that's quickly gaining momentum for its premise alone.

Indie Horror Month: Jason Christopher and Deven Lobascio Talk Down the Road

For up-and-coming genre writer/director Jason Christopher, horror has been a way of life for him for as long as he can remember. “I grew up watching horror movies ever since I was a little kid because I would get obsessed with the cover art on the VHS boxes."

Bad Behaviour Trailer Debut Brings the Violence

Know what makes us happy? When we watch a new trailer and within ten seconds someone gets their eye blown clear out of their skull. Well, you get that and more from the official trailer debut of writer/director Joseph Sims' new movie Bad Behaviour.