Indie Horror Month: Exclusive - Director D. Kerry Prior Talks The Revenant

A few weeks back we posted a couple of cast member interviews from the indie horror flick The Revenant (review here), and we pick up our Indie Horror Month coverage today with an interview with the film’s director, D. Kerry Prior.

Another Rubber One-Sheet Comes Bouncing In

Once again Robert, the evil sentient tire with a penchant for making people's heads explode(!), takes center stage in this latest one-sheet from Magnet in promotion of their freaky new flick Rubber! Dig it! Look for a limited theatrical run on April 1st via Magnet.

First Still and Sexy New Artwork - What They Say

Sometimes there is no greater horror than that which we harbor inside ourselves. Such is the case with Justin R. Romine's latest indie effort, What They Say. Read on for details! From the Press Release:

Tune in for Terror - Watch Blinky NOW!

It was in November 2010 when we first told you about Ruairi Robinson's film Blinky, which centers on a hot new toy that will most likely murder every single person that you know. You can see if Blinky himself can live up to that horrific promise by watching the flick right now.

Indie Horror Month - 25 Milestones in Independent Horror Filmmaking: Part 5

Welcome back to the last installment of Dread Central’s look back at the 25 milestones that shaped the landscape of independent horror filmmaking over the last 100 years.

Free Aussie Horror Flick The Tunnel Scores Distro

A while ago we let you know about Carlo Ledesma's movie The Tunnel, which he plans to upload to torrent sites to make it free to viewers. Well, the guy has done something right because he's actually landed distribution for the movie in the process of his unique scheme.

Get Your Glasses! 3D Teaser Trailer Debut - Chompers 3D

One indie flick we're keep our eyes on is Jesse Blanchard's Chompers 3D. If only for the flick's "out there" premise in which anything could be a creature ready to bite, maim, dismember and ingest. Oh, horror movies. How we love you.

Ti West Experiencing the Side Effects

With some really good horror films under his belt including the upcoming critic favorite, The Innkeepers, director Ti West will be switching gears a bit on his next project. Read on for the details!

One Time for Your Mind - Another Trailer for the Bong of the Dead

It's been almost a year since last we've taken a hit from the Bong of the Dead, but the water is fresh and bubbling once again and that means there's a new trailer to be toked.

Some New Eye Candy to Lure You Into the Torture Chamber

During this "Indie Horror Month" we're focusing on independent filmmakers and their upcoming projects, and one name that we've been keeping tabs on for quite some time now is Dante Tomaselli, who just released a new poster for Torture Chamber. Beware because this latest endeavor looks like his sickest yet! Synopsis:

Aargh Presents a Day in the Life of a Retired Japanese Movie Monster

Yesterday we shorted you on the weekly WTF Friday of the Week. Day late, dollar short, but I think this trailer for Aargh will quench your thirst for WTF-ness. A 15-minute German short film about the day in the life of an ex-star of Japanese monster movies, and I don't mean one of the human actors.

Bloody First Stills - Sheila Ryan's Opious

Producer Jeremiah Sayys just sent us over some really nasty new stills for his upcoming flick directed by Sheila Ryan Opious, and they're so grue drippin' good that we just had to share!

Indie Horror Month - 25 Milestones in Independent Horror Filmmaking: Part 4

Welcome back, dear readers! Sorry about the delay as this writer’s heading off to cover SXSW for the next couple of days. But so far we’ve had quite the journey as we’ve looked back at the first 15 films in our countdown of the 25 milestones that shaped the world of independent horror. Today we start in 1983 and kick things off with a true shocker!

Theatrical Release News and One-Sheets - A Serbian Film

Since the film first burst forth onto the scene there's been a ton on controversy surrounding A Serbian Film. In a couple of months you'll be able to judge it for yourself as the flick smashes into the States. From the Press Release

Find Horror in the Outtake Reel

The sweet smell of indie bloodshed has wafted our way and led us directly to the new slasher flick Outtake Reel. Ready for the first word before it hits the cutting room floor? Starring Ava Santana, Lloyd Kaufman, Tiffany Shepis, Scott Feinblatt, Jeffry Chaffin, and directed by Scott Feinblatt and Jeffry Chaffin, check out the press release, trailer, and artwork below.