Deadly Games Send a Chill Down Your Spine

And our month-long indie film feature keeps chugging along with the first word about yet another new terror tale that's looking to Chill your bones before shattering them into itty-bitty pieces.

Bird with a Broken Wing Getting Ready to Take Flight

There are some people out there who define the word "horror". An unknown assailant whom the media dubbed the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker (EAR/ONS) back in the Eighties is just such a man, and his heinous story and more is getting ready to be told via the medium of independent film.

A Demented New Trailer

Love can be a real bitch, man. Especially when you're locked in a bad relationship. Rarely do they turn murderous, but when they do? The shit has a way of really hitting the fan in a bad way. That's just the case in this new indie short film coming soon from Dirty Shed Pictures.

Exclusive: Danny DeVito Talks The Blood Factory and More

Known for his comedic turns in such features as Romancing the Stone and Throw Momma from the Train (among others) and on television for his roles in "Taxi" and the currently airing "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", it may come as a surprise to some that actor, comedian and Oscar-nominated producer Danny DeVito relishes in cinematic gore with the same vigor as he does laughter.

Things Get Violent In The Devil's Courthouse

Want to get our attention fast? Send us images of splattery good horror flicks! That always does the trick. Or you can simple jingle your keys or hand us something with lights on it. We're easily entertained.

New Renfield: The Un-Dead Poster; WorldFest 2011 Screening Info

We've been talking about director Bob Willems' Renfield: The Un-Dead for quite a while now, and in case you've been wondering when you might be able to see it, if you happen to live in or around the Houston, Texas, area, you're in luck!

The Collingswood Story Screening Now Over - THANKS FOR JOINING US

We hope you have been enjoying our Indie Horror Month coverage, but believe us when we say we have saved the best for last. As a means to send the month out with a well placed shiver to cycle down your spine, we're going to be showing one of our favorite indie movies ever. Right here. ONE NIGHT ONLY. For FREE!

Exclusive Teaser Trailer Debut - Cameron Romero's Radical

Following in his father George's footsteps, director Cameron Romero is a filmmaker with something to say; and in the new trailer for his latest film, Radical, that he sent exclusively our way, his message is loud and frighteningly clear.

The Corrupted Have Tentacles

In case you're wondering just how you can tell the average hot chick from the average hot chick who happens to be harboring a monstrous beast within herself, the above headline says it all.

The Feed Offers More First Person Horror

Get ready more more terror first-person style as yet another group of kids run afoul of spirits they never should have been screwing with in the first place. Are you ready to dig on The Feed?

Edward Furlong Pops a Stitch

Actor Edward Furlong may have missed a few steps over the last couple of years, but when this cat is on his game, he's really on his game. That's why we're rooting for him to get his shit together and are hoping that his next film, Stitch, is the first step of many in the right direction for him.

Become the Main Course for the Hunters

Director Judson Scott dropped us a line today with a link to the trailer of his upcoming slasher flick Hunters which provides more proof of why we should just stay the hell out of the woods.

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis Grapples With the Purple Plague

When I was forwarded this news item I wasn't exactly what to make of it. In fact, I'm still not 100% sure what it is. At first I thought it was a web series but there's constant mention of a joint cd/DVD release later this year. Whatever The Purple Plague is, it's hyper-stylized and features ex-WWE diva Maria Kanellis battling zombies.

Trailer and Artwork Debut - Wendigo: Bound by Blood

Leonard Kabasinski, Jr.'s latest indie monster mash, Wendigo: Bound by Blood, will be hitting home video this May 3rd courtesy of Midnight Releasing, and we've got all the preview goodies you need right here! Brian Anthony, Cheyenne King, Leon South, Amara Offhaus, and KK Ryder all star! Synopsis

Exclusive News, Images, and Set Visit: One for the Road

This past Wednesday, March 16, Dread hit the set of filmmaker Paul Ward’s horror flick One for the Road for an exclusive look at the project, which at the time was shooting in the cold environs of Crestline, California.