Michael Manasseri's Sucker Explodes Online! Dozens of New Stills and a Trailer Debut!

It's been a long while since last we had anything to tell you about Michael Manasseri's nature-run-amok monster movie, Sucker, but you're about to see proof positive that good things come to those who wait. Strap in, kids, and prepare to get itchy!

Dance of the Damned Slated for Remake - With the Original Director

"Remake" is a mighty dirty word round these parts. But this just might be a case of the best reason for a remake. Dance of the Damned (not of the Dead) is slated to be remade in 2012, and the original director Katt Shea will be calling the shots once again. Shea is no stranger to genre fans, helming Poision Ivy, Stripped to Kill and The Rage: Carrie II.

If a Tree Falls Will It Score a Release Date? You Bet It Will!

After lots and lots of talk the folks behind the new indie horror flick If a Tree Falls have finally hammered out the Canadian release details, and we have them all for you right here! Dig it! From the Press Release The Philip Carrer-directed feature If A Tree Falls is set to be released nationwide on May 31, 2011.

Some Really Vile Stills and Artwork

Torture porn. People are still making these movies. Even more perplexing people are still watching these movies. Still, every now and again a good one comes around. Let's just hope the new flick from Taylor Sheridan, Vile, is one of the good ones.

Things Get Violent in The Guest Room

We've all had them. The guests that wouldn't leave. In our younger years we exhibited a tolerance for such behavior. Now? We just trap and eat the freeloading bastards. No bones about it. Except for the remains left behind, that is.

War is Truly Hell at The Devil's Rock

The atrocities of war have given birth to some of the most horrific images imaginable. Things that we'll never be able to erase from our collective memories. As if the real life horrors surrounding these events weren't bad enough, can you image what would happen if some supernatural shenanigans were sprinkled in?

Bow Down Before the Sexy Empress Vampire

Yes, sparkling vampires suck worse than an 80-year-old Thai hooker with no teeth. Ugly vamps, however, do get our ghosts, if only for the violence they bring. Which brings us to sexy vampires. There's only one thing better ... sexy Asian vampires, and that's exactly what we're gonna get from Phil Condit's Empress Vampire (Huang Hou Xi Xue Gui)!

Get Ready for The Next Blair Witch Project

Well, no. Not really. However, that is the title of the latest indie horror comedy from Panik Attak Productions. Maybe now those disembodied kids in the woods are actually laughing at something funny? In any event below you'll find the trailer for this newest project, which was written and directed by "AJ".

Porn Princess Sasha Grey to Skinny Dip in the Blood of Her Enemies

The logline for this flick speaks volumes: "They took her bikini. They took her virginity. When they were through, she took her revenge." Though we're fairly certain it's been a long time since anyone has taken Sasha Grey's virginity, we're happy to see her go all I Spit on Your Grave in Frank Latin's new flick Skinny Dip.

Filmmaker Darren Stein to Join a Coven

Witches seem to be getting a lot of love lately, and it's long overdue. Sure, their scary portrayal in feature films may turn off some peaceful folks out there who are into nature and all, but let's not forget there's good and bad in every culture, and let's face it ... being bad ... especially in movies ... is so much more fun!

More Badass Father's Day Artwork

Man, the Troma team is working overtime getting out the goods on their latest flick, Father's Day, as yet another truly awesome teaser one-sheet has hit this crazy little thing we call the interwebs!

Welcome to Zombiewood Pines - Where the Dead Are Dying to Get In!

There are tons of web series out there right now, and we try our hardest here at Dread Central to weed through the masses and find you the choice cuts. Enter the latest episodic sliver of zombedic mayhem, "Zombiewood Pines".

Sand Sharks Sales Art Sneaks Up From Below

Yep. It's exactly what you think it is. To quote a much beloved character from a certain Dead series ... "You stick your head in the sun, and they gonna come up behind you and bite off your ass!" Dig on some early sales art below. From the Press Release

More Terrors Await Us in The Darkness

Yet another film detailing why we should stay in the light is on its way, and hopefully this one will play by its own rules. Lord knows Darkness Falls and The Vanishing on 7th Street didn't, but that's an entirely different story.

First Image and Details: Blind Alley

And we kick off Tuesday with some fresh info on the latest indie effort to hit our radar. Can you think of a better way? Yeah we can't either. Dig on the goods! Below you'll find the first image and plot details for writer/director Antonio Trashorras' terror tale Blind Alley starring Ana de Armas, Diego Cadavid and Leonor Varela. Synopsis