Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast Wraps Production; More Behind-the-Scenes Stills

Producer Greg Lamberson dropped us a line to let us know that principal photography has wrapped on Sam Qualiana's Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast up in the Buffalo area, and he also provided us with a half-dozen new behind-the-scenes stills.

New One-Sheet, Trailer, and Free Screening Info for Zombie Ed

Ren Blood, writer/director of Zombie Ed, dropped us a line today with a new one-sheet and trailer, updated synopsis, and free screening info on the flick. If you'll be in or around Long Beach, California, on July 9th, you're in luck as the screening will be held at the Art Theatre on East 4th Street. The rest of us will have to make do with the other goodies Ren sent.

Safe Haven: Zombies in Hartford - Practice Safe Sex ... Or Become a Zombie!

Remember when STDs were on the harmless side of the fence? You'd get a rash, maybe some bumps. Suffer from fire pee™. Not anymore. As if you needed another reason to wear a rubber, New England Films has announced a safe haven for you frantically humping yahoos in its new release Safe Haven: Zombies in Hartford.

Lots of Updates from Condemned Films

Coven Delacruz checked in with DC to give us some updates on Condemned Films' upcoming projects. With lots of irons in the fire, Delacruz and Condemned Films are looking to make this a huge year.

Makers of Hipster Holocaust Give You the Chance to Be an Executive Producer

Have you ever wanted to be an executive producer of a film? Could we sweeten the pot and let you know it's a horror/comedy called Hipster Holocaust written by Ian Shorr (writer of Splinter) and Jon DA (Los Angeles Screamfest Best Screenplay Award winning writer of The Palace) where some of the most annoying members of our society meet creatively gruesome demises?

Zombie eXs Trailer Now Online - Old Girlfriends Back from the Dead ... YIKES!

What if your ex-girlfriends never stopped loving you and all came back ... as zombies? Shudder at the thought! This is the question Zombie eXs poses to its audience.

The Alien Armageddon is Upon Us!

You know we're really starting to wonder ... what is it about Los Angeles that has every damned extraterrestrial so hot to conquer it lately? Are they just massive fans of Pinkberry, or are they demanding a star on the Walk of Fame? Whatever the case they're back, and we have the photographic evidence to prove it!

Evil Resides on South Mountain

Short film maven Charlie Ruckus and company are back with another indie horror flick that again illustrates why it may be a pretty good idea to stay the hell out of the woods. When will people ever learn? South Mountain is directed by Charlie Ruckus and stars Kevin Chandler and Heiko Spieker. Check out the first sliver of artwork and synopsis. More as it comes.

Closed for the Season Opens on DVD and VOD in August

One indie flick we've had our eye on for a while now, Closed for the Season, is getting set to hit you in every digital way imaginable (with the exception of Blu-ray), and we've got the details of what to expect when it gets here. Plus we get to run that truly bitchin' poster art!

Paranoia Sets in on DVD

More indie DVD news has come our way, and as always we're here to share. If not we'd be bastards. Bastards with a lot of news, but bastards nonetheless. Read on for the first details on Paranoia.

Wisconsin Project X Mutates onto DVD in July

One indie film we've had our eyes on for a while is finally getting ready to make its home video debut, and we've got the goods on what to expect when Wisconsin Project X makes its way to your house.

Director Rhys Davies and Writer Kris Tearse of Zombie Undead Reunite for The Desolation

When you find a pairing that works, you stick with it. Peanut butter and jelly, pomp and circumstance, Murtaugh and Riggs! Those are just a few long-running, successful combinations. This is certainly why Ghost Versus Ghost Productions is proud to announce the reunion of the creative team behind Zombie Undead for their next project, The Desolation.

Meet The Girl of Your Nightmares in The Midge

Yet another reason to keep your dick in your pants has surfaced via a new twelve-minute short film, and we have every second of it here for your ... ummm ... enjoyment? Director Rory Lowe's short film The Midge is playing as part of the I've Seen Films - International Film Festival. Hit up the link below the flick after you've watched for even more bits of indie primed mental floss.

Evil Baby Awaits Delivery; Should Have Practiced Safe Sex!

Let us just get this out of the way. We hate kids. They don't shut up, unmercifully break all your stuff, puke, shit, and piss themselves on a regular basis, and to top it all off now they can be possessed by evil spirits before they even get here! Screw having these things!

Horny Bigfoot on Humping Spree in Sasquatch Porn

Here it is, kids. The lowest level of Sasquatchploitation you're ever likely to see. Still, it makes for a great headline, does it not? Well, you know what they say: big feet, big c.... Brock "Balls" Brockleman, Erotic Film Entrepreneur, is on the hunt for his next big porn star - a seven-foot tall vixen Bigfoot, preferably in heat.