Trailer Debut: Kiss Before the Slaughter

We’ve been following filmmaker John Michael Elfer’s Kiss Before the Slaughter since its down and dirty desert shoot earlier this year, and now we are proud to offer you, our Dread Central readers, an early look at the project's high-octane trailer! Read on!

More Stoner Horror to Get You Lifted in Young, High, and Dead

For a long time stoner comedies have permeated the big and small screens, and for good reason ... everything's funnier after getting high! But can the mind-altering weed also make things scarier? You're going to get your chance to find out when this latest UK fearfest rears its head!

See the Genesis of Dead Genesis

Hungry for more indie zombie action? Want something meatier to sink your teeth into? Then, brother, we've got your hook-up right here! That's right, kids! Get ready to see the opening five minutes of Dead Genesis right here, right now! Check out the aforementioned footage along with the uncensored trailer and first artwork for Reese Eveneshen's new film below the plot details.

Kane Hodder to Become a Practitioner of Malpractice as Pre-Production of Old 37 Begins

There's not much information available for Old 37 yet, but what I've seen so far looks very intriguing. We know Kane Hodder will bring his wealth of horror experience to play one of the film's killers, and Brandi Cyrus (that's Miley's big sis) will also appear in the film.

Exclusive First Still: Dark Feed

The writers of John Carpenter's The Ward, Michael and Shawn Rasmussen, are back with a new terror tale called Dark Feed, and we've got a brand-spanking new teaser one-sheet for you along with an exclusive still. We're good like that. Dig it!

Saved By The Bell Alumni Experience the Little Creeps in this Trailer

Any horror movie that reunites former "Saved by the Bell" graduates Screech and Lisa Turtle is automatically newsworthy. Toss in Maniac Cop, Joe Estevez, and Eighties pro wrestling superstar Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and you’ve got a serious case of the Little Creeps

The Dead Get High on Zombie Drugs

Let's face it; we all knew weed dealers back in high school. Ever wonder what happened to them? Would they still be up to the same old thing, hustling dime bags to play video games and getting the munchies, or maybe they became a bit more enterprising!

Jeremiah Sayys Has an Immoral Prodigy

Indie filmmaker Jeremiah Sayys is back with a brand spanking new project, and we've got the first look and details for you right here. We're hip like that, ya know? Dig it! From the Press Release

Feast Your Eyes Upon The Taint - RIGHT NOW! FREE!

There is nothing on this planet that can save you from the awe and power of the nasty, and we mean nasty, indie flick The Taint. It's riddled with moments that will offend just about anyone (except you of course), but you don't have to take our word for it! Watch it yourself. RIGHT NOW - and for the rest of June!

Motion Picture Purgatory: Rubber

As they say, all good things come to those who wait, and if you've been waiting for Trembles' take on Quentin Dupieux's bizarre little film Rubber, then you're in luck as it's the topic of this week's Motion Picture Purgatory.

Aliens vs. Avatars Schedule Their Smackdown for September

Amok alien monster loose in the woods on Earth, blue-skinned extraterrestrial female sent to stop it, retro robot sidekick, partying teens, bikini babes, buckets of blood: Aliens vs. Avatars already sounds better than Skyline.

Polish Zombies Run Amok in Wataha

Oh, the room to make jokes here. We'll contain ourselves and play it straight. Polish zombies, though ... sigh. So hard ... must refrain ... Okay. Better. Read on for the first details and teaser trailer and art for the latest undead fest, Wataha.

Get Ready to Attend an Undead Reunion!

Let's face it; just because you're dead doesn't mean that you don't enjoy the company of old friends or family. If they too are dead, hey, you can relate. If their hearts are still beating? They're now the buffet! See how things work out?

Full Official Trailer Released for Indie Zombie Film Highway 91

It's been a long time coming, but finally the full official trailer for indie filmmaker Sonny Fernandez's zombie opus Highway 91 has hit the Net, and of course we have it for you right here, all gooey and full of headshots. The DVD is already available and includes a blooper and outtakes reel, deleted scenes, two music videos from the Highway 91 soundtrack, and more!

Exclusive First Look: A Little Bit Zombie

When a project comes to light called A Little Bit Zombie, you know that we're going to be all over it. As big fans of the undead and all of their gory exploits, how could we not? That being said ...