New Torture Chamber Stills Will Have You All Burned Up

Some fresh stills from Dante Tomaselli's long awaited Torture Chamber have made their way online, and we're here to scoop 'em up and bring 'em to you while they're still piping hot out of the oven!

First Stills, One-Sheet and Trailer - The Infliction

A new genre flick is on its way with some very familiar faces, and we've got all of the information you need to get you excited including stills, a one-sheet, and even a teaser trailer. Dig it!

Mole Man of Belmont Avenue, The (2011)

Starring Mike Bradecich, John LaFlamboy, Robert Englund, Justin DiGiacomo, Mary Seibel, T.J.

Madison County (2011)

Starring Nick Principe, Katie Stegeman, Joanna Sotomura, Natalie Scheetz, Ace Marrero Directed by Eric England

Alyce (2011)

Starring Jade Dornfeld, Tamara Feldman, Eddie Rouse Director by Jay Lee “What controls you?”

Teaser Trailer Launches for Indie Slasher Ft. Slaughterdale

In an eleventh hour attempt to steal the best horror film title of the year from either Dead Hooker in a Trunk or Know Models Were Harmed, the new spring break slasher Ft. Slaughterdale has thrown its hat into the ring and released a new teaser trailer.

Evocative New One-Sheet: Yam Laranas' The Road

When looking at the new one-sheet for the latest film from Yam Laranas entitled The Road, there's bound to be a lot of things going through your heads. Some will be disturbed. Some maybe even a little confused. As far as we're concerned, we're nothing short of impressed as this one is a winner!

Ron Purtee Unleashes a Nightmare

Okay, gorehounds, one of the busiest men in indie horror has a new offering for us. Ron Purtee, creator of The Social Media Massacre and Love Is Not Enough, brings us some clown-flavored horror with his newest short film, Nightmare.

The Frolic Short Film Available Via Digital Download at a Reduced Price

When we first told you about the availability of Jacob Cooney's short film entitled "The Frolic" based on a short story of the same name by Thomas Ligotti, it was only available as a rather spendy collector's edition DVD or a finicky download that wouldn't work with all players. But that's been remedied now as Cooney has informed us that he's partnered with a new online digital vendor at a greatly reduced cost.

Brea Grant and Vera Miao Are Best Friends Forever

Brea Grant is a very familiar face around the horror genre. Having already starred in "Heroes," "Dexter" and Halloween II, the young actress is ready to deliver the fear from the other side of the camera as a director. Read on for details.

AFM 2011: Ambitious Sales Trailer for Hallow Pointe

Seeing a poster for a movie can surely give you an idea about what a film is about. Seeing things in motion, though? That's when the magic happens. Strap in for some good old fashioned werewolf mayhem, dearest reader, and check out the sales trailer for Thomas J. Churchill's Hallow Pointe.

New Alyce One-Sheet Offers One Hell of a Hand Job

A bloody (very bloody) new one-sheet from Zombie Strippers director Jay Lee's upcoming flick Alyce has come our way, and we have to say ... we TOTALLY approve. Bring a mop, kids! Things are bound to get sticky!

Danny Glover Hears Donovan's Echo

In our eyes Danny Glover will always be the man who put a leash on two of Hollywood's biggest beasts ... The Predator and Mel Gibson. But now the seasoned actor has a whole new sort of threat that he has to tango with ...

Latest A Little Bit Zombie One-Sheet Takes a Shot at Sparkling Vamps

The only thing we're gonna miss about The Twilight Saga when it ends is making fun of it. I mean, it's so easy. We also live for the day when those Team Edward/Team Jacob trampstamps chicks were getting becoming malformed and saggy. Ah, youth! So silly! In any event the good folks behind A Little Bit Zombie are doing their jobs to keep the yucks coming with the film's latest one-sheet!

Horny New One-Sheets for The Devil's Rock

Here at Dread Central we are big fans of badass poster art and have several hanging in our hallowed halls. After seeing these latest bits of eye candy for The Devil's Rock, we're likely to be hanging up a couple more.