Filmmakers in a Biting Match Over the Title Zombie

So what's in a name? A lot it seems if said moniker of choice happens to be Zombie. Two filmmakers. One title. Whoever wins, we're sure both will pale in comparison to Lucio Fulci's Zombie. Read on for the details of this little name game.

Lose Your Innocence to This Teaser Trailer

The question of what is or what is not reality can vary in some seriously spooky ways. Especially for our subjects in the new movie Innocence. Read on for your first details and a teaser trailer.

A New Trailer Looking for Some Playback

We're just weeks away from the February 3rd VOD release of the new supernatural spooker starring Christian Slater, Playback (with a March 9 theatrical release to follow), written and directed by Michael A. Nickles and based on true events (of course); and to celebrate, we've got a brand new trailer for you! Dig it!

Exclusive: The Stranger Inside Wraps; An Update from Star Sarah Butler

We caught up last Friday the 13th with actress Sarah Butler (star of last year’s Steven R. Monroe-directed feature I Spit on Your Grave) to chat with her regarding psychological thriller The Stranger Inside, which just previously had been filming in Copenhagen, Denmark, under the eye of writer/director Adam Neutzsky-Wulff. Read on for word on the production as well as to see a new batch of production stills.

Aussie Filmmakers Start Traveling 100 Bloody Acres

Okay, show of hands ... who's ready for some agricultural horror? No really, agricultural horror! Come on! Sometimes you guys are no fun at all. Anyway... 100 Bloody Acres, which we originally told you about during AFM, has officially begun production so you'll be getting a dose of it soon enough!

Dracula to Show His Fangs of War

We've seen many various retellings, reimaginings, and retreads of the famed tale of Dracula, which was originally penned by the legendary Bram Stoker. Everything from cartoons to pornos, but now? Now the original fanged fiend goes to war!

Trailer For Upcoming Film Hostage Arrives Online ... No Ransom Required

A cool trailer has dropped that appears to be set in the same woods that corrupted the unsuspecting characters in The Evil Dead. Okay, maybe not the exact same woods, but the upcoming film Hostage has a guy in a cabin struggling for survival against a malevolent spirit. Off to a good start, I say!

Zero Budget Superhero The Amazing Bulk Skulks onto DVD in April

From the director of Aliens vs. Avatars and the producer of Metal Man comes the cheapest, zaniest, most astounding no-budget superhero mockbuster The Asylum never produced. Once you’ve feasted your eyes upon the trailer for The Amazing Bulk, then you will be able to die knowing you truly have seen everything.

First Image Found in the Crawlspace

The co-writer of Piranha 3D and Sorority Row, Josh Stolberg, is hard at work behind his latest fear-fest Crawlspace, and as always we've got the first image and info for you right here. Check it out!

See New Images From Blind Alley

It's been a while since we last heard about Blind Alley (aka Callejón), but a couple of new stills have landed online for Antonio Trashorras' terror tale, and as always we're right here to scoop 'em up and bring them to ya! Feel free to leave a tip in the tip jar, thanks!

Mortal Remains Teaser Trailer and Info on First Screening

Tired of seeing all the cool stuff happening in either New York or Los Angeles and wondering when your town might get something fun and horror related, too? Well, if you live in or near Pittsburgh, PA, wonder no longer! On January 15th indie flick Mortal Remains will have its first public screening at The Oaks Theater in Oakmont. And we have the film's poster and teaser trailer right here to help whet your appetite!

First Official Still Arrives for Delivery

It always seems that pregnant women make for great horror movie subjects. Rosemary's Baby and Inside come to mind immediately. We now have the first official image for director Brian Netto's upcoming preggo film, Delivery. It's currently in post-production so keep an eye out for the film's official release date, which will be announced shortly, and until then dig the new still.

First Details, Artwork, and Teaser Trailer for DefTone Pictures Studios' Ombis

Adam Steigert of DefTone Pictures Studios dropped us a line with some early details, artwork, and a teaser trailer for Ombis, an alien invasion themed horror/sci-fi film he's co-directing with Mark Mendola. Check it out!

Toothy New Creature DVD Art

Life has a funny way of turning things around. For the last few days I've been getting chastised for thinking that The Devil Inside was a decent little flick. Everywhere I turn I've been getting browbeaten. That's okay though. I have no problem taking my lumps and I stand by my words no matter what. Still, it's been kind of taxing, but then ... then I see a DVD cover that just brings a smile back to my face.

Sammy's Back in Roid Rage: The Christmas Special

Okay, so maybe he missed the actual holidays a bit, but that didn't stop writer/director Ryan Lightbourn from being in the giving spirit. Fans of indie shorts will no doubt remember his previous film, Roid Rage, a movie that can be accurately described as the anal version of Brain Damage. Well, ho, ho, ho…Lightbourn has a belated gift for you…Roid Rage: The Christmas Special.