The Sleeper Wakes Up on DVD Next Year

We've been talking up Justin Russell's Eighties inspired slasher film The Sleeper for many months here at Dread Central, and we are ridiculously happy to announce to you cats that the flick finally has a release date!

Here's a Web Series Guaranteed to Have You Scared Stiff

Horror is everywhere. You just have to know where to look. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we are no longer forced to wait for the big film companies to burp out a new horror offering for us (which more often than not is a big letdown). Simply by turning to the web, you can find web series created for the sole purpose of giving you nightmares. And we've recently discovered a great one…Scared Stiff.

Fetch Yourself Some American Maniacs this January

We've been talking about the indie horror flick Fetch for well over a year now around these parts, and the good news is that it's coming your way in just a few weeks. The weird news? It's under a new title, American Maniacs.

Charity Screening of Michael Biehn's The Victim to Support Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Victims

Once again the horror community steps up to prove its generosity and compassion as fanboy favorite Michael Biehn's new film The Victim will be screened in Tokyo, Japan on December 19th with all proceeds from the screening going to the county's earthquake/tsunami victims. To sweeten the pot, writer/director/star of the film Michael Biehn will be in attendance with fellow star Jennifer Blanc-Biehn.

Check Out the Mind-Blowing Body Count in The Summer of Massacre

Lots of horror films claim to have insane body counts. However, only one claims to have had it verified by Guinness World Records. The Summer of Massacre anthology film boasts eight slashers introduced across five stories throughout the film and a body count that may be the biggest of all time. Wow, that's quite the pile of dead.

Night Terrors Finds a Home at Dread Central After Being Banned Elsewhere

I love this story! Chris St. Croix and David Buchert are the co-creators of a new web series entitled Night Terrors. They've had the first episode, "The Keeper", taken down from several sites around the internet for containing "objectionable content". Well, the boys contacted Dread Central with their conundrum, and (being the fans of objectionable content that we are) we said, "Boys, you've got a home."

Sundance 2012: First Excision Stills Get Messy!

Man, is it really that time of the year already? You betcha! With the 2012 Sundance Film Festival gearing up to deliver the goods, we've started digging around the horror selections for you cats, and guess what?!? We landed some gory stills from Excision. Dig it!

New Trailer and One-Sheet Ready to Administer A Thousand Cuts to Hollywood

For years indie filmmakers in Hollywood have dreamed about taking revenge on those who have wronged them. It kind of makes you wonder just why no one has made a slasher flick about directors going nuts over the MPAA cutting their films. Fantasy, I know, but one can dream, no? Either way a new psycho based slice and dice called A Thousand Cuts is well on its way, and we have the trailer and artwork right here.

Pledge Zombie Allegiance to the Living Dead on December 6th

I pledge allegiance... to the undead hordes clamoring to eat my brain. And honestly, if the shit does ever hit the fan, what other group would you want to side with? Unfortunately, the walking dead are not usually much for national pride, but if I've got a zombie with his teeth on my head, I'm willing to try just about anything. Say hello to Zombie Allegiance.

Remake of The Giant Gila Monster Begins Filming Today

What motion picture could possibly be so epic it would require the combined directorial talents of the director of Hellbound: Hellraiser II and the director of Chopping Mall? Would you believe a remake of the 1959 bad movie classic The Giant Gila Monster?

Thanatomorphose Producer Coughs Up Trailer for H5N1: Pandemonium

Fresh off producing the intriguing film Thanatomorphose, Stephan Parent (the filmmaker, not the Manson Family victim, that was Steven Parent) now has a trailer for an upcoming film he's directing entitled H5N1: Pandemonium.

Reflect on Indie Horror in the House of Mirrors

A new flick from indie filmmaker Brian Shotwell is on its way called House of Mirrors, and we've got your first word and look at what to expect right here. Dig it!

Disasters Will Go to War in Earthquake vs. Tsunami

If slashers and monsters can have their own "versus" movies, then why can’t natural disasters duke it out? Finally, at long last, we will get the answer to the burning question as to who would win in a battle between an earthquake and a tsunami. In this case the tagline of “whoever wins, we lose” will truly be apropos like never before.

Another Final Girl Starts Screaming

Not to be confused with the last week's announcement of New Line's Final Girls, another flick is on the way celebrating the lucky lass who's made it through a night of horror, this one just called Final Girl. Dig it!

Chew on this Trailer for Jurassic Shark

It was barely a month ago when we told you about Brett Kelly’s Jurassic Shark. Now there’s a trailer for the low budget sharktacular that hopes to give you even more of the bikini babes getting chomped by a giant shark action you all know and love.