Indie Horror Month

Indie Horror Month - Exclusive: Chris Wylde Talks Bromance and Zombies in The Revenant

In 2009 I had the pleasure of checking out The Revenant during the Screamfest Film Festival. Directed by Kerry Prior, the film stars David Anders, Chris Wylde, Jacy Gross, and Louise Griffiths and is centered around Bart (Anders), a soldier who is killed overseas in Iraq.

Indie Horror Month - 25 Milestones in Independent Horror Filmmaking: Part 1

For many fans, independent horror filmmaking seems like a relatively new concept. So you may be surprised to find out the maverick spirit that fuels our beloved genre has been burning for almost 100 years now, since the 1912 version of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde was produced by the independently-run production house Thanhouser Company.

Indie Horror Month - Exclusive: Scott Leberecht and Matt Compton Talk Midnight Son

Before writer/director Scott Leberecht embarked on the sometimes difficult journey making his latest film Midnight Son (review here), he was working as a visual effects artist for Industrial Light & Magic.

Indie Horror Month - Exclusive: Jo D. Jonz Talks the Dark World of Midnight Son

In writer/director Scott Leberecht’s Midnight Son, actor Jo D. Jonz portrays Marcus, a hospital worker who meets the film’s protagonist, Jacob (Zak Kilberg), one fateful night when the young man’s desperate hunger drove him to start scavenging in medical waste dumpsters in order to satiate his need for blood.

Indie Horror Month: Exclusive Gallery of Stills Debut for Twisted New Flick Alyce

Earlier this week, during our Indie Horror Month interview with Midnight Son star Zak Kilberg, we learned about Alyce, the upcoming ultra-gritty psychological thriller from the delightfully demented mind of writer/director Jay Lee (Zombie Strippers, The Slaughter).

Indie Horror Month - Two Tasty New Stills from Rafael De Leon's Short Film Waffle

While waffles are indeed a tasty dish, it seems that writer/director Rafael De Leon Jr. has cooked up something that skewers a little more disturbing than delicious with his new short film Waffle based on these two brand new stills just released.

Indie Horror Month: Exclusive Interview with Maya Parish - Midnight Son

Sometimes in the world of independent filmmaking, working on your own terms means that people have to take on multiple roles to ensure the success of a project. Such is the case for Midnight Son .

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Zak Kilberg Talks Midnight Son and Alyce

This week those involved with making the indie horror film Midnight Son have reason to celebrate. Their hard work some three years in the making is finally paying off as the project is making its world premiere this Friday, March 4th, in San Jose at the prestigious Cinequest Film Festival.

Indie Horror Month: Director Joshua Hull Announces Idiot Gore Filming at Days of the Dead Con This July

One of Dread Central’s 2010 Indie Filmmakers to Watch, Joshua Hull, checked in this week to give us some exclusive news on his latest project, Idiot Gore , and if you happen to be at the Days of the Dead convention in Indiana this summer, you will have the opportunity to be part of indie horror history, which is something definitely different from most cons these days.

Dread Central to Celebrate Indie Horror Month in March

While we love covering horror movies of all shapes and sizes, the staff at Dread Central has always fostered a deep-rooted appreciation for the independent horror movement that has been alive and kicking for over 90 years now.