Indie Horror Month

Indie Horror Month: Writer/Director Quentin Dupieux Talks Killer Tires and No Reason Filmmaking in Rubber

Undoubtedly, one of the most unique genre movies of 2011 is writer/director Quentin Dupieux’s latest feature film, Rubber, which is centered around Robert, an inanimate tire with telekinetic powers that becomes obsessed hunting down a beautiful woman and will destroy anyone that stands in his way of finding his mystery lady.

Indie Horror Month: Dread Central Interviews Actress and Producer Alyshia Ochse

Actress and producer Alyshia Ochse may not be a name you immediately recognize, but we here at Dread Central feel like that’s going to change very soon. The up-and-comer recently appeared in the brand new pilot episode of Deon Taylor’s revamped “Nite Tales” series as well as horror short The Guest (which she also produced) that bowed online earlier this month.

Indie Horror Month: Q&A with the Directors of UK Indie Horror Movie Patrol Men

Here at Dread Central we’ve been covering the UK independent horror movie Patrol Men ever since mid-2009. It’s been a long and arduous road for filmmakers Ben Simpson and David Campion so we knew that with the film’s overseas release happening this week, it was the perfect time to chat with the pair in honor of our month-long Indie Horror Month celebration.

Exclusive Online Debut of Dave Reda's The Horror of Our Love: A Short Film

As promised, today we bring you the exclusive online debut of Dave Reda's killer romantic horror comedy short film "The Horror of Our Love" to close out Dread Central's Indie Horror Month celebration.

Indie Horror Month: Brooke Lewis Talks Producing and the World of an Indie Horror Scream Queen

When I first met actress and producer Brooke Lewis in 2009, she struck me as someone who has an unmatched passion and enthusiasm for the horror genre. It was her passion for both acting and producing that made it easy for her to be embraced very quickly by the genre community, which has even dubbed her with the beloved title of “Scream Queen.”

Indie Horror Month - Phil Nichols Talks Renfield: The Un-Dead, Project Pangea, Creating a Special Make-up FX Empire, and More

For Phil Nichols, his fascination with the horror genre began at a very young age. The writer/director/producer/actor/special effects guru (how's that for being multi-hyphenate?) spoke about how being born into a family with an appreciation for the spookier things in life sparked his many interests in working within the genre.

The Collingswood Story Screening Now Over - THANKS FOR JOINING US

We hope you have been enjoying our Indie Horror Month coverage, but believe us when we say we have saved the best for last. As a means to send the month out with a well placed shiver to cycle down your spine, we're going to be showing one of our favorite indie movies ever. Right here. ONE NIGHT ONLY. For FREE!

Indie Horror Month: Exclusive New Trailer for Horror of Our Love: A Short Film

Here at Dread Central we love indie horror filmmakers, and quite a few of them love us back. Like Dave Reda, who not only is graciously allowing DC to be home to the online debut of his killer romantic horror comedy short film "Horror of Our Love" next week to close out Indie Horror Month but also edited together an exclusive new trailer in honor of the event!

Indie Horror Month: Denise Gossett Celebrates Over 10 Years of the Shriekfest Film Festival

One of the film festivals I became immediately impressed with when I moved to Los Angeles was the Shriekfest Film Festival. Being unfamiliar with a lot of the more genre-focused festivals, I found Shriekfest and festival founder Denise Gossett’s passion for supporting independent filmmaking refreshing amidst a city filled with people who generally are motivated by their own selfishness.

Indie Horror Month: Dread Central's Video Tribute to Troma Entertainment

Undoubtedly the modern independent horror landscape would be a very different place had Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz not taken a gamble on making a horror film in the 1980s. Kaufman, seeing the potential to reach horror fans everywhere, unleashed The Toxic Avenger in 1985, and the horror world has been a very different place ever since Toxie hit the streets.

Indie Horror Month: Lloyd Kaufman Talks Net Neutrality and Indie Horror Filmmaking

Chances are, if you’re an avid reader of Dread Central, then you are very familiar with Lloyd Kaufman, creator of Troma Entertainment and vocal supporter of both net neutrality and independent filmmaking. That’s why when this writer was putting together her coverage for DC’s Indie Horror Month celebration, Kaufman was at the top of the list of people I definitely wanted to chat with.

Indie Horror Month: Exclusive - Director D. Kerry Prior Talks The Revenant

A few weeks back we posted a couple of cast member interviews from the indie horror flick The Revenant (review here), and we pick up our Indie Horror Month coverage today with an interview with the film’s director, D. Kerry Prior.

Indie Horror Month - 25 Milestones in Independent Horror Filmmaking: Part 5

Welcome back to the last installment of Dread Central’s look back at the 25 milestones that shaped the landscape of independent horror filmmaking over the last 100 years.

Killing Brooke - Some New Stills and a Producer Update

It's been just about two months since we've heard anything from the folks behind Killing Brooke, "an intense thriller that twists the survival horror genre on its head," but today writer/director Dave Zagorski dropped us an email including five new stills and an update from co-producer/co-star Johnny Donaldson.

Indie Horror Month: Ben Rock's Five Favorite Independent Horror Films

My introduction to writer/director Ben Rock came when I interviewed him for his 2009 highly-underrated flick Alien Raiders, which took themes from Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Thing and combined them with a little bit of “24” for good measure (hard not to when the film’s star is Carlos Bernard).