Indie Horror Month 2013

Indie Horror Month 2013: Masked to Have Online Premiere TODAY!

Looking to spend some time this afternoon with a little indie horror goodness? Look no further than Masked, which will be having its online premiere later today! Read on for details! Get that popcorn poppin'!

Indie Horror Month 2013: Dig the Twisted Details on In a Madman's World

Indie director Josh Vargas had decided to make his latest flick into one helluva memorable experience. Check out the details below, as described by Vargas himself, about the twisted subject matter of In a Madman's World.

Indie Horror Month 2013: Child's Play's Alex Vincent Has a Deadly House Guest

Child's Play star Alex Vincent is through tangling with possessed dolls and has an even bigger problem on his hands in his latest feature, House Guest. Read on for the first artwork and details.

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Co-Writer/Director Andrew Weiner Talks The Frankenstein Theory

This week Image Entertainment released first-time director Andrew Weiner's docu-style indie thriller The Frankenstein Theory, which resurrects one of the genre's most beloved giants as a 300-year-old experiment gone awry in the Arctic Circle, on DVD and VOD.

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Writer/Co-Star Michael Swaim Discusses Newly Released Horror Comedy Kill Me Now

Recently released on VOD is the horror comedy Kill Me Now, directed by first-time filmmaker Travis Long and written by Michael Swaim.

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Producer Jamie Kennedy on A Resurrection, a Look Back at Scream and More

Considering he started off his career in the genre world, it's certainly fitting that now Jamie Kennedy is producing horror movies, including Matt Orlando's A Resurrection, which arrived in limited theaters this weekend.

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Writer/Director Matt Orlando on His Debut Feature A Resurrection

Today, March 22nd, up-and-coming filmmaker Matt Orlando's debut feature, the indie thriller A Resurrection, arrived in selected theaters courtesy of Archstone Distribution.

Indie Horror Month 2013: Spend Saturday the 14th with Mason!

With Indie Horror Month 2013 beginning to wind down, we have a creepy cool animated short for you guys to dig on in the form of animator Kristjan Lyngmo's Saturday the 14th. Check it out!

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Writer/Director Matthew Arnold on the Real-Life Terrors of Shadow People

This week Anchor Bay released writer/director Matthew Arnold's indie thriller Shadow People, and to mark the occasion, Dread Central caught up with the filmmaker to talk about the project, the real-life inspiration behind the story, and lots more.

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Dallas Roberts Discusses Shadow People, The Walking Dead and More

Out this week courtesy of Anchor Bay is the indie thriller Shadow People starring Dallas Roberts, which is based on a true story about small town radio personality Charlie Crowe, who unravels a conspiracy about encounters with the mysterious shadowy figures.

Indie Horror Month 2013: Meet Molly Crows - One Vengeful Little Witch!

Evil witches are hotter now than the stakes they were once ludicrously burned at, and movies involving them are sprouting up everywhere, including this latest indie flick that looks to be home to all types of devilry, Molly Crows.

Indie Horror Month 2013: Another Two Teasers Fly in for Bird with a Broken Wing

Indie Horror Month continues here on Dread Central with another two teasers for Cameron Cloutier's Bird with a Broken Wing. Check them out along with the original two teasers right here, and look for more soon!

Indie Horror Month 2013: Take an Exclusive Look at Quin Davis' Animus

Time for yet another exclusive for you cats in honor of Indie Horror Month! On tap right now are several exclusive images from the upcoming terror tale from director Quin Davis, Animus. Check them out!

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Dread Central Chats with Sanitarium Directing Trio - Kerry Valderrama, Bryan Ortiz and Bryan Ramirez

Earlier this month the psychological horror anthology Sanitarium premiered during the Miami International Film Festival.

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Erik Gardner Talks Blue Hole and More

For the last interview in our short film series for Indie Horror Month 2013, Dread Central chatted with writer/director Erik Gardner about his latest project Blue Hole, which has found much success on the festival circuit since its premiere at the 2012 Shriekfest Film Festival last October.