Indie Horror Month

New Collingswood Story Coming; Paranormal Activity 4 Legal Matter Settled

A while back we told you about a lawsuit concerning The Collingswood Story and Paranormal Activity 4. Today we reached out to director Mike Costanza for an update on that situation, but we got a whole lot more. Read on for details.

A New Sea Beast Rises From Below

America has a fascination with sea creatures. From mermen to sharknados we just cannot seem to get enough of these water-treading wonders. A new indie offering is looking to break the surface, and we've got your first look here... From Below. Or from above. Or head-on even!

Indie Horror Month: Exclusive Premiere of Drew Daywalt's The Old Chair Short Film

The wait is over! Writer/director Drew Daywalt soldiered through some rough technology battles to bring us his latest short film - The Old Chair - exclusively right here in honor of Dread Central's Indie Horror Month.

Indie Horror Month Video Interview Part Two: AJ Bowen Talks The House of the Devil, A Horrible Way to Die, Future Projects and More

After endearing himself to genre fans worldwide as Lewis Denton in 2008's The Signal, actor AJ Bowen went on to blaze a triumphant path in the world of independent horror.

Indie Horror Month: The Merchant Rises In Texas

As Indie Horror Month comes to a close, we're squeezing in one more story to tell you about The Merchant, a new independent film that recently wrapped primary photography in Texas. A tale of horror set in the Old West, the film was directed by Justin Mosley and written/produced by Allen Reed.

Indie Horror Month Interview: Writer/Director Christopher R. Witherspoon Talks Rage, His Previous Life as an Effects Artist and More

For his feature film debut Christopher R. Witherspoon takes to the streets of Portland, Oregon to unleash his own inner demons in the violent thriller Rage, which features anonymous stalker "The Biker", who hunts down an unsuspecting man after a harmless taunt results in vicious terror.

Indie Horror Month Video Interview Part One: Actor AJ Bowen Talks Creepshow 3, The Signal and More

In just eight years actor AJ Bowen has become one of the more recognizable faces of independent horror and for good reason: With every performance Bowen delivers masterful work simmering with charisma and soul, making it hard to dislike even his most unlikable of characters.

Indie Horror Month Interview: Matthew Currie Holmes Talks P5YCH and More

Matthew Currie Holmes is probably best known to horror fans all over as "M" from Joe Lynch's Wrong Turn 2 and several other notable genre roles, but now he's embarking on a new career path that's taking him behind the camera - as a director.

Indie Horror Month Interview: Writer/Director Keith Hodder Talks Shift and More

Last year up-and-coming filmmaker Keith Hodder made quite a splash in the indie genre community with the faux Grindhouse-style trailer Van Gore he co-directed with Peter Strauss and Jerrad Pulham that was selected to be a part of the Hobo with a Shotgun home release.

Indie Horror Month: Phil Nichols Casts His Frankenstein Stage Play and Shares Info on Juice: Zombie Alley Vol. I

Actor/writer/director/producer/special effects maven Phil Nichols is one of the busiest guys we know, but in honor of our Indie Horror Month celebration, he took some time to drop us a line with an update on what he's been up to.

Indie Horror Month Interview: Eric England Talks Madison County, Roadside, His Latest Project Contracted and More

In just under two years, up-and-coming filmmaker Eric England has already left quite an impression on the independent genre world. His feature film debut Madison County debuted to a sold-out crowd during LA's Screamfest last October and is set to make its home release this May.

Indie Horror Month Announcement: Dread Central Hosting the World Premiere of Drew Daywalt's The Old Chair This Friday!

Indie horror fans, get ready! Drew Daywalt, the master of the horror short film, has been busy slaving away on something special in honor of Dread Central's Indie Horror Month celebration, and undoubtedly it will be a slice of creepy awesomeness much like the rest of Daywalt's other short films.

Indie Horror Month Interview: Co-Writer/Director/Star Aramis Sartorio Discusses The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol

In The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol, we follow the disappointing life of struggling actor Tommy P (Aramis Sartorio), who turns his back on family and friends to pursue his dream of stardom in Hollywood.

Indie Horror Month Video Interview Part Two: Barbara Crampton Talks Chopping Mall, Nudity and New Flicks You're Next and The Lords of Salem

In Part 1 of our interview with Barbara Crampton, she discussed Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator, From Beyond and Castle Freak as well as the joys of collaborating with both Gordon and Jeffrey Combs several times.

Indie Horror Month Tip of the Scalpel: The Blair Witch Project

As we wind down Indie Horror Month here at Dread Central, we've got one more Tip of the Scalpel especially saved for our indie friends. But before we get into that, there's one more group that deserves a nod.