The Gasp Menagerie: Ancient Alien Overlords Depicted in Indian Rock Paintings

Ancient aliens visiting earth, guiding early man. In the 70's, with the popularity of Erich von Däniken's book and Harald Reinl's film Chariot of the Gods, they were a hot topic. The Nazca Lines, Pyramids of Giza, and other wonders suggest the use of technology unavailable to people of the period.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Endhiran (The Robot)

Each week it's an adventure to see exactly what film Trembles has decided to put his unique stamp on, and this time is no different. On tap today we have Endhiran (The Robot), a movie that marked the Indian cinema debut of Stan Winston Studios, who were responsible for the film's animatronics and visual effects, as well as other artists outside of India. Directed by S. Shankar and produced by Kalanithi Maran, it remains India's most expensive film to date.

New Stills and Theatre Locations: Vikram Bhatt's Haunted 3D

The first 3D film to come out of India, Vikram Bhatt's Haunted 3D, is making its way Stateside, and we've got a listing of the first locations and a couple of fresh stills for you! Dig it! Haunted 3D stars Mahakshay Chakraborty, Tia Bajpai, Achint Kaur, Arif Zakaria, and Sanjay Sharma.

U.S. One-Sheet Debut and Release Info: Vikram Bhatt's Haunted 3D

Now here's a bit of a surprise, while tooling around looking for and confirming release dates (one of our favorite things to do other than engaging in inter-office Bocce Ball tourneys) it turns out that the first 3D film to come out of India, Vikram Bhatt's Haunted 3D is headed Stateside.

Bollywood Screams in Haunted 3D

The 3D craze has infected the entire world! Thankfully its popularity seems to be waning a bit here in the States, but that's still not stopping anyone from pumping these three-dimensional terrors out one after the other.