Imogen Poots

Fright Night Set Visit Series Part 5: Imogen Poots Talks Fright Night 3D

This writer has been a huge fan of Imogen Poots ever since I saw her as Robert Carlyle's daughter in Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's 28 Weeks Later. Since that breakout performance, Poots has established herself rather quickly as an emerging talent on the rise.

Exclusive Video Interview: Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots on Fright Night 3D and How Charlie Brewster Is Destined to Be a Cat Breeder

One thing is very clear after my recent exclusive interview with Fright Night 3D stars Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots - the two of them definitely have a lot of fun anytime they’re put in a room together.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Fright Night Press Conference Coverage

On August 19th horror fans everywhere will finally be able to see for themselves whether or not the remake of the Tom Holland classic film Fright Night will deliver on all the bloody goodness when the film finally makes its way into theaters in 3D.

Wake Wood Director Looking to Prowl with the Cat People

For the past three years Hammer Films has been developing a remake of the Jacques Tourneur 1942 classic Cat People, which was already remade once in 1982 by acclaimed director Paul Schrader. After years of talk it looks as if someone is finally ready to step up to the plate, and he has a star already in mind.

Imogen Poots on Vampires in Hello Darkness

Imogen Poots. We just love saying that name. Say it with us now ... Imogen Poots. It's kind of fun, right? Maybe it's because "poot" is slang for a slow quiet fart. Who knows? It just makes us giggly. In any event the stench of poots will act as garlic soon in the new upcoming vampire flick Hello Darkness.

In Albuquerque? Then You Can Get Bit for the Fright Night Remake!

In New Mexico and looking for your fifteen minutes of fame? Then why not try your hand at becoming a potential victim in Craig Gillespie's very different take on the Tom Holland classic Fright Night? We got the scoop on how you can make this happen!

Make a Date With Fright Night 3D

DreamWorks announced today a release date of October 7th, 2011 for Craig Gillespie's very different take on the Tom Holland classic Fright Night. How will his re-envisioning, which was penned by Marti Noxon and is coming at us in 3D, turn out? Let's just hope for this new Brewster's sake that it will be "so cool"!

More Fright Night Remake Casting News

Well today's slow news stream is finally picking up a bit of steam as some more casting news has come in for Craig Gillespie's upcoming remake of the Tom Holland vampire classic Fright Night.