2013 Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Fest: Full 85-Film Lineup Announced; Albert Pyun to Receive Indie Genre Spirit Award

When Buffalo Screams expanded and re-branded as the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, we knew they had big ambitions. With a whopping 85 films on their slate for 2013, we'd say they're well on their way!

Give Thanks for the Trailer for Imago

We've been telling you about Chris Warren's Imago for quite a long time now. We've shown you stills, gotten you quotes, etc. Finally a trailer has reared its head and things are looking pretty good for this indie effort starring a couple of familiar faces.

Lisa Wilcox Talks Imago and Savage

Iconic horror villain Freddy Krueger had himself quite a few "final girls" over the last 25 years. One of our personal favorites had always been Alice (played by Lisa Wilcox in Parts 4 and 5). In fact, Alice is the one of the very few to survive the deadly grasp of Elm Street's most nefarious inhabitant. So, where's Alice been since she took on Freddy?

Exclusive: New Stills from Imago

Three new stills have come our way -- from another dimension -- for Chris Warren's upcoming indie effort Imago, and we figured we'd share because you, dear readers ... are the wind beneath our wings.

Exclusive: First Two Stills From Imago

Alternate dimensions can be a real bitch. Especially ones that unleash all manners of horrors on our troubled enough lives. Such is the case for our poor protagonist in Chris Warren's indie effort Imago.