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Trailer for Dark Circles Arrives to Keep You Up at Night

It's been several months since last we mentioned Dark Circles, a new After Dark Original heading our way from writer/director Paul Soter, but the trailer has finally arrived, and we have it for you right here, shivers included!

IM Global Diagnosed with Peste

Once a script makes Hollywood's Black List, it doesn't take long before someone snaps it up. Case in point: the Barbara Marshall spec script Peste, which has been acquired by IM Global Octane, the genre arm of IM Global. Read on for details.

Poster Debut and Some Stills from After Dark Original Dark Circles

It was this past October when we first got word of Dark Circles, a new After Dark Original heading our way from writer/director Paul Soter, and now we can share the film's poster and a few stills along with details of After Dark Originals 2!

Cannes 2011: IM Global Lands Multiple International Deals for Spectre

It was just a few days ago that we first got word on Spectre, a new film from Insidious director James Wan that has Nicole Kidman attached to star. Well, look for lots more news soon as the flick has just sealed multiple international distribution deals at Cannes.

Nicole Kidman Becomes an Insidious Spectre?

The last time Nicole Kidman dabbled in the supernatural it was for the haunting little tale of The Others. That looks as if it's about to change however as the first word of another spooky tale with her in it has arisen.

New Stills from Crime Thriller The Factory

Its release date is still up in the air, but some new stills from The Factory starring John Cusack and Jennifer Carpenter have shown up online, and we have them for you here.

Paranormal Activity’s International Sales Company, IM Global, Rolls Out Theatrical Arm

The unprecedented success of Paranormal Activity has been beneficial for many people, but one could argue that IM Global is reaping the most rewards. Hot off the success of Oren Peli’s haunting flick, IM Global Home Entertainment has been forged to focus on lower budgeted theatrical fare.