Sightseers (2013)

Starring Steve Oram, Alice Lowe, Eileen Davies Directed by Ben Wheatley “If the caravan’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!”

New Sightseers Ad Campaign Is Classified

A pretty clever new ad campaign is under way for Ben Wheatley's dark comedy Sightseers in advance of its November 30th premiere in the UK, and we just had to share it. Check out these ads that play on some of the themes and props from the film.

New Sightseers Quad One-Sheet Rants and Raves

A week or so ago we showed you several really funny posters for Kill List director Ben Wheatley's dark comedy Sightseers. Today we have the new quad one-sheet that's more or less an amalgamation of those. The flick opens on November 30th in the UK!

See Some Funny Sights with Latest Sightseers Posters

If you need any more reasons why the horror genre rules, look no further than these truly quirky UK one-sheets for Kill List director Ben Wheatley's dark comedy Sightseers! The flick opens on November 30th in the UK!

Byzantium (2012)

Starring Gemma Arterton, Saoirse Ronan, Caleb Landry Jones, Danny Mays, Jonny Lee Miller, Tom Hollander, Sam Riley, Warren Brown Directed by Neil Jordan

TIFF 2012: IFC Acquires Neil Jordan's Byzantium

We're pretty stoked to see Neil Jordan's Byzantium since we're hearing it compares favorably to his Interview with the Vampire, and thanks to IFC, it looks like we'll be able to do so in theatres soon!

See the Sights with the Sightseers Trailer

Finally a trailer has arrived for Kill List director Ben Wheatley's dark comedy Sightseers! The flick opens on November 30th in the UK, will play the Toronto International Film Festival, and then IFC Midnight will be handling all the Stateside distro when the time comes. Dig it!

Bullet in the Face (TV)

Starring Max Williams, Neil Napier, Eddie Izzard, Eric Roberts, Kate Kelton, Jessica Steen Directed by Erik Canuel

Exclusive New Clip from The Tortured

What better way could there be to kick off your weekend than with a little maiming of a rotten sonovabitch who really deserves it? No, not any government officials or pundits, but that'd be nice too. What we're talking about here is an exclusive clip from Twisted Pictures' The Tortured. Dig it!

IFC Grabs Ahold of the Sightseers

Good news for fans of Kill List director Ben Wheatley coming in from Cannes. IFC Films has acquired all North American rights to Wheatley's dark comedy Sightseers. Don't you just want to hug them? Well done!

Tortured, The (2012)

Directed by Robert Lieberman Starring Jesse Metcalfe, Erika Christensen, Bill Moseley

Check out the Trailer for The Tortured

We've been talking about The Tortured since early 2010, and now finally we have a trailer to sink our teeth into. How far would parents go to take revenge on someone who's harmed their child? Pretty friggin' far! Dig it!

Motion Picture Purgatory: The Moth Diaries

Mary Harron's The Moth Diaries hits select theaters tomorrow, April 20th, courtesy of IFC, and in case you're curious about it, Trembles has weighed in with his thoughts on the film.

IFC Finally Bringing The Tortured Home

Man, we've been talking about The Tortured since early 2010. Honestly? We kind of forgot about it, but IFC is ready to remind us with an upcoming release! Read on!

Open Up The Moth Diaries on Us!

Excited to see the new film from American Psycho director Mary Harron, The Moth Diaries? Well, how about you do so on our dime? See? We're like the horror-loving Santa Claus all year 'round!