IFC Mignight

IFC Midnight Opens The Den at Home

Did you miss out on the VOD and limited theatrical release of The Den (review)? Fear not, young horror seeker! The flick will be hitting DVD on July 29, 2014!

Exclusive Alternate Poster - The Den

It never ceases to amaze me when total strangers will send me Skype requests, like I'm really gonna go have a conversation with someone I don't know. Maybe I should hire the big bad of the new flick The Den (review) to handle my calls? Speaking of which... check out this exclusive alternate poster!

Insert Yourself and Friends Into Interactive Poster for The Den

It's the little things that keep us going here at Dread Central, like promotional gimmicks for new horror flicks. Hot on the heels of the release of IFC's The Den (review) comes this bit of interactive fun, which allows you to insert yourself and your friends into the film's poster.

New Clips Lead You Further into The Den

Today marks the limited theatrical and VOD release of Zach Donahue's The Den (review), which takes you on a trip to the dark side of modern technology.

The Den Director Zachary Donohue Talks Voyeurism, Found Footage, and Webcams

The film The Den (review) brings a whole new, and much-needed, twist to the found-footage sub-genre of horror. Recently director and co-writer Zachary Donohue sat down with Dread Central to talk about his film.

New One-Sheet for The Den Is a Multi-Screen Experience

The official details and a brand spanking new one-sheet have arrived for the social horror film The Den, and we have that and everything else you need to know about this flick right here for ya! Dig it!

New Trailer for The Den Is Looking for Friends

If most people weren't batshit stupid, then we probably wouldn't have much to talk about in terms of horror movies. For instance, if you're using a service like Skype or something similar to make friends, then you're just asking for it! Speaking of which...