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Maniac Censored in Japan to Attract Teen Audience?

Well now. This is odd. According to a recent blog in Japan, Franck Khalfoun's masterful reboot of Maniac (review) has itself been butchered to cater to the country's teenaged audience. Read on for details.

Stills Gallery Now Online for Maniac

We cannot wait to hear the reaction of you cats when you finally get to see Franck Khalfoun's masterful reboot of Maniac (review). Sit tight! We're just a few weeks away, but for now we have several new images to tide you over. Check 'em out!

New Maniac Poster Teases the Mayhem to Come

It seems we've been talking about Franck Khalfoun's reboot of Maniac (review here) for a really long time, but in just a few more days everyone will be able to see what the fuss is about. While we wait, here's a new poster for the flick.

Another International Maniac One-Sheet Stares Through Your Soul

Another sliver of poster art for the remake of the 1981 Bill Lustig classic Maniac has come our way, and though it's nothing new, it's always good to see everything. Especially when the movie is as good as this one truly is. Check it out!

New Maniac Trailer Ready to Scalp You

Hot on the heels of the two new one-sheets we showed you a couple of hours ago for the remake of the 1981 Bill Lustig classic Maniac, a new trailer has come our way that does a fine job of illustrating the film's many horrors.

Two New Unsettling One-Sheets for Maniac

We have to say the folks over at IFC Midnight are really hitting the nail on its head when it comes to their latest one-sheets for the remake of the 1981 Bill Lustig classic Maniac. Check out the newest pair, which would certainly look pretty cool hanging on a wall!

IFC Midnight Scores a Knock-Out at Cannes with Raze

Fresh off its recent debut at Tribeca in NYC, Raze hit the French Riviera for Cannes and quickly landed North American distro with IFC Midnight. No release details are available yet, but we're sure to hear more once the dust settles.

Get Tied Up in This Exclusive Clip; Poster Premiere

Seriously, what better day could there be to deliver you cats an exclusive not safe for work clip than hump day? It just feels so very right! On tap for you right now is one of biggest, most crazy erotic setpieces you'll see from a flick today, and Tied is a story that's full of them! Check it out!

New Trailer for the Berberian Sound Studio Gets All Screamy

A pretty damned good trailer has arrived for Peter Strickland’s psychological horror film Berberian Sound Studio, and we have every single scream-filled second of it right here for you! Check it out!

Incredible Illustrated One-Sheet for Maniac

Artist Jeff Proctor has designed a new poster for the upcoming remake of Maniac that is nothing short of absolutely stunning. Get ready to drool, kids! This one is a real winner. We want like 10 of them at least.

Great New Artwork for Berberian Sound Studio

One look at this latest artwork for Peter Strickland’s psychological horror film Berberian Sound Studio, and the only thing we can do is wish that the movie itself was as good as the one-sheet. Still, you may dig it! Check it out!

IFC Midnight Gets Tied Up This Week!

There's a lot of sex in the violence in IFC's Midnight's new thriller Tied, and everything is not zen for its protagonists. Check out just how far and bad things can go in your first look right here.

There's a Maniac Loose in Korea

No, we're not talking about that immature idiot in the North who threatens nuclear devastation via Photoshop. What we're talking about here is the Korean one-sheet for Maniac. Dig it!

Errors of the Human Body (2013)

Starring Karoline Herfurth, Tómas Lemarquis, Rik Mayall, Michael Eklund Directed by Eron Sheean

The Berberian Sound Studio Open for Business in June

IFC Midnight has just announced that Peter Strickland’s psychological horror film Berberian Sound Studio will be released on June 14th on all the usual VOD platforms. Is this what the horror genre needs to get it in tune?