IFC Midnight

The Jeffrey Dahmer Files Open on DVD

One of the best damned documentaries of the year, The Jeffrey Dahmer Files, is on its way to home video, and we've got all the details you need along with the artwork right here. Check it out and look for it on DVD July 23, 2013.

CONTEST CLOSED! San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Win Tickets to the Hottest Horror Party of the Show!

We told you about us co-hosting the Con of Darkness Comic-Con party a couple of days ago. The response to the event has been so overwhelmingly positive that it's quickly turning into the MUST BE AT event of the 2013 SDCC for horror fans. Now we have your chance to get in!

Fantasia 2013: New Raze Poster Puts Up Its Dukes

On tap right now is a brand spanking new one-sheet for Raze, which will be playing as part of the Fantasia Film Festival (July 18-August 6 in Montreal, Canada). Check it out and experience the wonder of how even a bloodied Zoe Bell can be so hot!

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Dread Central Co-Sponsoring the Con of Darkness

Seven North American entertainment properties leading in horror, thriller, and suspense content are joining forces to celebrate genre entertainment at this year’s SDCC by hosting Con of Darkness, an evening genre-party saluting Comic-Con fans and industry insiders alike.

Incredible New Maniac Posters Hit the Web

Midnight Marauder has created a series of new Maniac one-sheets in conjunction with the Alternative Movie Posters / Metrodome contest, and we have each of these eye-catching illustrations right here for ya! Dig it!

Maniac Arrives on VOD! Go Behind the Scenes of the Gore!

The excellent Maniac remake starring Elijah Wood is AVAILABLE NOW on VOD, so do yourselves a favor and set aside some time to watch it. Need more convincing? Then check out this new featurette revolving around the flick's FX.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Maniac Poster Signed by Elijah Wood and MORE!

Here's a nifty contest which you cats should pay extreme attention to. Right here, right now, we have a chance for you to win an official Maniac one-sheet signed by Elijah Wood along with a token to watch the film FOR FREE on SundanceNOW.

Three New Stills Materialize for Haunter

Three new - but small - stills have made their way online for the upcoming spooker from Vincenzo Natali, entitled Haunter (review here), and it appears the powers-that-be have once again taken to torturing poor Abigail Breslin. Check 'em out!

New Maniac One-Sheet Reflects on Terror

Another incredible one-sheet has arrived for the stellar upcoming remake of the 1981 Bill Lustig classic Maniac, and just like each and every one that has come before it, it's pretty friggin' badass! Check it out!

Exclusive: Writer/Director Peter Strickland Discusses Berberian Sound Studio and More

Out now in limited release and on VOD is writer/director Peter Strickland’s Berberian Sound Studio, a haunting exploration of isolation and loneliness set against the backdrop of a Giallo movie, which stars veteran actor Toby Jones (Captain America).

Latest Berberian Sound Studio One-Sheet Makes Some Noise

Another vintage one-sheet has been released for the new flick known as Berberian Sound Studio, and given its neutral color scheme, it goes with just about anything. The film starring Toby Jones and Tonia Sotiropoulou is available now on all the usual VOD platforms.

Experience the Making of a Maniac

A pretty extensive making-of video for Franck Khalfoun's masterful reboot of Maniac (review) has arrived to further stoke your flames of interest in this amazing flick. Check it out right here, and continue counting the days to its release.

Witches Rise Up From the Dead in Latest Clip from the Berberian Sound Studio

Odds are if you wanna raise the dead, it'd be a pretty good idea to have a witch handy. You know they have all those zany incantations and such. But raising a dead witch? That's a whole other story and exactly the case here in this latest clip from the Berberian Sound Studio.

Maniac Censored in Japan to Attract Teen Audience?

Well now. This is odd. According to a recent blog in Japan, Franck Khalfoun's masterful reboot of Maniac (review) has itself been butchered to cater to the country's teenaged audience. Read on for details.

Stills Gallery Now Online for Maniac

We cannot wait to hear the reaction of you cats when you finally get to see Franck Khalfoun's masterful reboot of Maniac (review). Sit tight! We're just a few weeks away, but for now we have several new images to tide you over. Check 'em out!