Meet the Keepers of The Kill List

More eye candy coming in, in the way of a new still from IFC's latest cinematic romp with Satan, The Kill List, and of course we have every pixel of it here for your hungry eyes.

Official Trailer Debut - The Kill List

Time for a little satanic action to go with your hump day as the official trailer for IFC's The Kill List has made its debut! Read on for more and to dig on every pixel!

Creepy New Kill List Teaser Video

A spooky new teaser video has launched on the official website for Ben Wheatley's new horror flick Kill List, which is now making the festival rounds. Ready for a dose of creepy to get you through the day?

Four New Clips from Michael Greenspan's Wrecked

Hot on the heels of yesterday's news regarding when and where you can see Adrien Brody getting Wrecked, we have four clips from the film to share. Strap in - it looks like it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Get Wrecked with Adrien Brody in NYC or LA this April

One name we're always happy to see attached to a genre project is Adrien Brody since it usually means we're in store for one hell of an intense performance. Case in point: IFC Midnight's Wrecked, which will have a limited theatrical release beginning April 1st in New York and April 8th in Los Angeles.

IFC to Hit the French Horror High Lane in February

The French horror flick High Lane, or Vertige for you purists out there, is coming home to DVD soon, and we've got all the details you need to hang on tight! From the Press Release

Sundance 2011: Kaboom Official Trailer Debut

Thanks to IFC Films, we finally have the official trailer debut for Gregg Araki's "playfully perverse, refreshingly rude gonzo teen fantasy" Kaboom just ahead of its simultaneous U.S. premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and on-demand airings beginning on January 21st courtesy of Sundance Selects. Synopsis:

IFC Gets Primal on DVD

Lookin' to kick off your new year with a deadly trip to Oz? Then on January 25th, IFC Films has your hot ticket with Primal (review here)! From the Press Release

Sundance 2011: Five Films Will Premiere Simultaneously at the Fest and On Demand

Can't make it to Utah this year for the 2011 Sundance Film Festival? Well, thanks to Sundance Selects, the theatrical and video-on-demand film label, five films being screened at the fest will simultaneously be available nationwide, on demand, on most major cable systems. Two seems to qualify as genre films, but the others sound worthy of a bit of attention as well.

New Stills from French Chiller In Their Sleep

French film In Their Sleep (or Dans ton sommeil) goes a long way toward putting a fresh face on the tired old home invasion subgenre, and today we have a handful of new stills from it to share. Prepare to be taken down the road of terror by co-directors (and siblings) Caroline du Potet and Eric du Potet.

In Their Sleep (2010)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Anne Parillaud, Arthur Dupont, Thierry Frémont, Jean-Hugues Anglade

A Trailer to Take Us to Black Heaven

What's Black Heaven, you ask? We're fairly certain that it has NOTHING to do with black Friday, blackouts, or even black masses (not that we'd know anything about the latter *hides dagger*), but we do know that it's the latest film from IFC. Dig on the trailer!

New Trailer - IFC's In Their Sleep

Time to ready yourself for a trip down the road of terror with Caroline du Potet and Eric du Potet's French horror opus, In Their Sleep (or Dans ton sommeil). We just got our hands on the latest trailer, and it is looking appropriately intense.

Must-See French Zombie Flick The Horde Hitting DVD

One of my personal favorite zombie flicks of the past year, The Horde, is finally getting ready to hit DVD courtesy of IFC, and if you haven't seen it already, believe us when we tell you it is the very epitome of badass! Look for it on DVD just in time for the holidays - December 21st! Synopsis

AFM 2010: IFC Midnight Gets Wrecked with Adrien Brody

IFC Midnight continues its genre-loving way with its pick-up at this year's AFM of Wrecked, a psychological thriller starring Adrien Brody that marks the directorial debut of Montreal native Michael Greenspan.