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#SDCC14: IDW Announces Two New Comic Series: Garbage Pail Kids and Edward Scissorhands

Friday was a big day for IDW at San Diego Comic-Con with the publishing company holding several panels and making some big announcements (with more still to come), and of note for the horror crowd are two new series, both featuring rather iconic characters...

#SDCC14: Universal Developing Locke & Key Trilogy

Watching Joe Hill's Locke & Key go from page to screen (big or small) has been nothing short of an exercise in frustration. That being said, some good news has come out of the San Diego Comic-Con regarding the haunting property.

#SDCC14: On Day 3 (July 26) Vamp Out with True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Salem, AHS: Coven, Constantine, Grimm, Sin City, Lovecraft, Twin Peaks, and More!

Day 3 of SDCC '14 marks the end of an era with "True Blood's" last panel. It's joined by fellow fangers "The Vampire Diaries," the witches of "Salem" and "AHS: Coven," "Grimm," Sin City, "Constantine," Troma, and lots more.

Locke & Key Adaptation Gets a Writer

Dear Video Gods, can it be? Is the feature adaptation of the Joe Hill comic series Locke & Key actually getting moving? After about a year of silence the buzz begins again as a writer has been found to pen the project! Miracles do happen!

#SDCC14: IDW Announces its Exclusives Including Hellboy, Locke & Key, and More!

There is something for everyone on this year’s IDW San Diego Comic-Con exclusives list, especially the horror crowd. Read on to see the must-haves IDW is bringing to the big show.

IDW's Terrifying New Tale Silent Hill Downpour: Anne's Story Reveals the Past

The nightmare-inducing series based on the hit video game series Silent Hill by Konami Digital Entertainment returns to IDW this summer with a brand new chapter, Silent Hill Downpour: Anne’s Story.

Yoe Books and IDW Teaming Up to Present The Worst of Eerie Publications

Another gory edition in the chilling archives of horror comics is heading our way this fall as Yoe and IDW join forces for The Worst of Eerie Publications, a 148-page special edition hardcover collection of multi-monster madness!

IDW Chewing Its Way Through Rot & Ruin in September

IDW and multiple Bram Stoker award-winning author Jonathan Maberry bring the untold stories from the zombie post-apocalyptic world of Rot & Ruin to comic books this September. Read on for artwork and details.

Ben Templesmith Returns to IDW with New Four-Issue The Squidder Series

This July, IDW Publishing and 44FLOOD come together again to release an all-new four-issue series, The Squidder, from famed comic artist Ben Templesmith; and we have all the info you need here, including a look at the cover art.

Want More King of the Monsters? IDW Announces New Mini-Series Godzilla: Cataclysm!

The multiplex isn't the only place you'll find Godzilla this summer as IDW Publishing has announced that the King of the Monsters will also be resurfacing in the pages of a new mini-series in which an apocalyptic wasteland awaits!

Original Programming for the Xbox to Include an Adaptation of Chuck Dixon's Winterworld

Microsoft made a pretty big announcement today about "Xbox: Originals," their own original programming launching in June. Only a few of the projects sound Dread-worthy, but one in particular caught our eye.

IDW Announces The X-Files: Year Zero to Debut in July

FBI Special Agents Mulder and Scully are about to unravel a mystery that dates back to the very beginning of “the X-Files” in a brand new five-issue comic miniseries, The X-Files: Year Zero, debuting this July from IDW Publishing.

IDW and Tom Beland Unleash Chicacabra with Chupacabras, Vejigantes, Fistfights, and Weed!

Tom Beland, best known for his multiple Eisner-nominated series True Story, Swear to God, brings his unique storytelling to IDW this June in an all-new graphic novel series entitled Chicacabra.

Steve Niles and Damien Worm's The October Faction Begins this Fall

With their Monster & Madman collaboration kicking off this month, Steve Niles and Damien Worm have another project in the works that begins this fall: The October Faction, a monthly creator-owned series that promises to "make Halloween monthly!" Read on for the early details.

New Four-Issue Mars Attacks: First Born Series Launches in May

There have been many stories told in the Mars Attacks universe, but nothing quite like this! Beginning in May, Chris Ryall and Sam Kieth (The Hollows) join forces once again for Mars Attacks: First Born, the story of the first Earth-born Martian.