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#SDCC14: Salem Season 2 Will Be Deeper, Darker, Scarier... and Lovecraftian! Hear from the Cast & Crew!

The phrase "the best show you're not watching" gets thrown around a lot, but in the case of "Salem," it couldn't be more true. We've been singing its praises since Episode 1 so our mission at SDCC was to find out what's ahead in Season 2.

Play a Game of Cat and Mouse with this Preview of Salem Episode 1.11

With Emmy nominations looming, it's a shame "Salem" isn't generating more buzz because Stephen Lang should be a shoo-in. In any event, here's a look at his continuing "Cat and Mouse" game with Janet Montgomery as Mary Sibley in the upcoming Episode 1.11.

This Sneak Peek of Salem Episode 1.08 - Departures - Is a Slam Dunk

It used to be that summer TV shows were poor replacements for those that aired during the regular season, but thankfully those days are over. One of the best of this year's warm weather crop is "Salem." Already on board with us? Then check out a new clip from Episode 1.08, "Departures."

Get Rocked by these Stills, Clip, and Expanded Synopsis for Salem Episode 1.08 - Departures

The arrival of Cotton's father is sure to rock the town of "Salem," and these new stills and first clip from Episode 1.08, "Departures," give us a taste of just how much. Check them out, and let us know what you think about the show - we're LOVING it!

Hunt or Be Hunted by These Stills and Clips from Salem Episode 1.06 - The Red Rose and the Briar

We're closing in on the halfway point of the 13-episode first season of "Salem," and next up is Episode 1.06, "The Red Rose and the Briar," which reminds us there are two kinds of creatures in the woods: the hunters and the hunted. Here's a sneak peek!

Learn the Secrets of Salem's Special Effects Make-Up

"Salem" continues to surprise and entertain us each week, and if you're enjoying its horrors as much as we are, check out this behind-the-scenes look at how they're created by the special effects makeup team.

Find the Truth in this Trio of Clips from Salem Episode 1.05 - Lies

Three new clips have arrived from this coming Sunday night's Episode 1.05 of WGN America's "Salem," entitled "Lies." If you heathens know what's good for you, you'll check them out right now!

Seek the Truth in these New Stills from Salem Episode 1.05 - Lies

We're still surprised by how much we're enjoying WGN America's "Salem" - I guess the rest of the world is finally catching up to us horror fans! In any event, here's a batch of new stills from Episode 1.05, "Lies," to whet our appetites for more!

Mercy's Torment Continues in this Sneak Peek of Salem Episode 1.04 - Survivors

In case the three clips and photos we showed you earlier today weren't enough, another sneak peek has arrived from "Salem" Episode 1.04, entitled "Survivors," which reminds us heathens that a blessing can often be a curse in disguise!

Get Bewitched by these New Clips and Stills from Salem Episode 1.04 - Survivors

We're finally caught up on WGN America's "Salem," and hopefully you are as well because to kick off your Thursday morning in style, we have three clips and a handful of stills from the show's upcoming Episode 1.04, "Survivors."

We've Conjured Up a Trailer for Salem Episode 1.04 - Survivors

With so much great genre fare on TV right now, it's hard to keep up with it all. Case in point: We're still a week behind on "Salem," damn it! But if you're caught up, here's a glimpse of the disturbing things to come in Sunday night's Episode 1.04, "Survivors."

WGN America Renews Salem for a Second Season

Well, that certainly didn't take long.... not that we're complaining! WGN America announced today that they've already picked up "Salem" for another season with the 13-episode second season set to begin production later this year for a 2015 debut.

Watch Another Sneak Peek of Tonight's Salem Episode 1.03 - In Vain

"Salem" returns to the airwaves in just a few hours, and to whet your appetites for what's ahead, here's another clip from Episode 1.03, "In Vain," in which we see that Anne's new toy has more power than she could have ever imagined.

See Two Clips and Several Images from Salem Episode 1.03 - In Vain

One thing that was definitely not "In Vain" was our hope that "Salem" would be able to live up to the promise of its creepy promos. In fact, it's surpassed them, and we're gearing up for Sunday night's Ep. 1.03 with an expanded synopsis, some new stills, and two clips. Check 'em out!

Cast a Spell with the Official Trailer for Salem Episode 1.03 - In Vain

Happily, the creepiness factor of WGN America's "Salem" was in no way toned down last night, and it looks like it may even be amped up a bit in next week's Episode 1.03, "In Vain." Check out this trailer for the ep, and you'll see what we mean!