Ian McShane

Official Trailer, One-Sheet, and Synopsis: Case 39

Wow. We guess Paramount isn't playing around anymore. After three years of nothing they finally nailed down a release date of October 1st, and now they're letting the goods on the movie fire with both barrels!

Case 39 Finally Being Opened

We've been reporting on Paramount's Case 39 so long now that we think the film's child star Jodelle Ferland is probably an adult already!

Two New Clips from Case 39

Know what really scares us? Renee Zellweger's face. She used to be kind of cute during her Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation days, but once Hollywood came a'knocking, it was a quick tug here, a slight injection there. Now she looks as if she's just constantly shitting out whole lemons. Where was I? Oh, yeah! We have two new clips from her latest flick, Case 39!

Case 39 Stills Hit Web with a Yawn

Here's the deal ... Renee Zellweger? She's about as exciting to watch as paint drying. Except of course for her stint in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation in which she was cute and sort of watchable. Now she just always has that same look on her face, like she's constantly eating a lemon. What happened, huh? We blame Botox.

Trailer and Poster for Case 39

Work never stops around here, but that's ok. We have to make sure you bloodthirsty bastards are constantly in the know. The trailer and poster for the Renee Zellweger, Ian McShane spooker Case 39 popped up online today, and as always we have a look for ya!

McShane's on the Case

There’s been some hype slowly building for Paramount’s upcoming Case 39, though whether it's because of or in spite of the presence of Renée Zellweger I’ve yet to determine.