Ian Clark

Exclusive NSFW Clip From The Facility Gets Flashy

Director Ian Clark's medical horror The Facility is out on DVD in the UK now, not to mention that you can win a copy right here -- so to celebrate we've nabbed an exclusive look at this clinical trial gone haywire that's flashy in more way than one. Again, this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

CONTEST CLOSED! UK Readers: Win The Facility on DVD!

Paid clinical trials always seem like a good idea, until you're walking away with a case of Bloaty Head. To celebrate the arrival of the utterly tense, claustrophobic, and overwhelmingly effective chiller The Facility - out on DVD and Download 6th May 2013 through eOne Momentum - we have copies to give away to two lucky winners!

Trailer Debut - Vertigo Films' Guinea Pigs

Not only has The Human Centipede given us an all new, even more disturbing vision of ass-to-mouth hijinx, it has also sparked a new craze of medical horror flicks. The next one out of the gate? Vertigo Films' Guinea Pigs.

Indie Filmmakers are Guinea Pigs

We knew it all along! So this is what Hollywood puts its budding filmmakers through! Experiments! Tests! Lobotomies! Someone needs to put a stop to this kind of ... what? Oh, Guinea Pigs is the title of a film made by a trio on indie filmmakers. Well. That changes everything.