I Was a Teenage Frankenstein

The Man Behind the Beast Mock-Doc Rears its Head! A Look at Werebears' Anton Troy

A couple of weeks ago we interviewed Chillerama's Anton Troy and promised to release his anticipated mockumentary, which will surely extend the fun of the Chillerama experience. The moment is now – Dread Central is ready to exclusively premiere the project Anton’s been working on for the last two months with co-creator and friend Roy Tighe.

The Man Behind the Beast: I Was a Teenage Werebear's Anton Troy

With the highly anticipated horror comedy anthology Chillerama finally hitting Blu-ray and DVD this week and his top-secret mockumentary about to exclusively premiere on Dread Central very soon, hot up-and-coming actor Anton Troy surely has a lot of things to talk about. As a result we're excited to present our exclusive interview with the star of Tim Sullivan’s segment of Chillerama, "I Was A Teenage Werebear".

Michael Landon Commands You! Caption the Picture!

One of the main things that sets Dread Central apart from the horror crop is our insane and completely random sense of humor. From our staff to you, the readers. So then, in the interest of science, every now and then we'll post a random horror picture for you to caption.