I Am Legend

I Am Legend (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Will Smith, Alice Braga, Dash Mihok Directed by Francis Lawrence Distributed by Warner Home Video

DVD Releases: To Die For

Death will find you relaxing in front of the TV if you're not careful come Tuesday, March 18th, 2008...

I Am Legend DVD Date, Specs

Warner Home Video has announced the DVD release date and specs for I Am Legend (review), the long awaited but somewhat disappointing latest adaptation of the Richard Matheson novel of the same name. If it only weren’t for all those damn CG beasts, it could’ve been a lot creepier…

Dinner for Fiends: Legendary

I’m sure you’ve seen I Am Legend by now; hell, judging by the box office I’d bet some of you have seen it twice. So have we and we’re going to goddamn well talk about it in the latest edition of Dinner for Fiends!

Legend Opens Big ... Really Big

Once again the old adage “If you cast Will Smith, they will come” has been proven this weekend; Francis Lawrence’s I Am Legend (review) has pulled in an estimated $76.5 million for its opening weekend, more than pretty much any projections had estimated.

I Am Legend Opening

What’s with this sudden trend of putting up the opening minutes of a film online? Whatever happened to good old-fashioned clips?

I Am Legend Creature Revealed

With I Am Legend looming closer and closer on the horror horizon there's been a bit of speculation as to what the film's creatures will look like. Speculate no more.

Reshooting a Legend

CHUD's Devin Faraci has informed readers that he knows Will Smith's upcoming horror pic I Am Legend has undergone some reshoots as late as last week. That's cutting it pretty close seeing as this film launches next month on the 14th.

Legend Leaked

The second trailer for Will Smith's "last man on Earth" film I Am Legend was leaked earlier today to Worst Previews, but Warner Bros. announced that it was actually the international trailer and requested they remove it.

I Am Legend Trailer!

All right, I take back my trepidations about I Am Legend, at least temporarily. The trailer was just posted over on Apple and yes, it is badass. No more words. Click here to see the first I Am Legend trailer! - Johnny Butane Got news? Click here to submit it!

I Am Legend Poster!

Though something tells me this is going to be one of those films historians point to as to how not to make a holiday blockbuster, Francis Lawrence’s I Am Legend is still a movie I can't help but look forward to.

The High Cost of Legend

Oh, man, I’m really smelling some kind of flop of disastrous proportions from I Am Legend for some reason. Maybe it’s just that they’re spending so much goddamn money on a Will Smith movie, something unheard of since Ali didn’t manage to move moviegoers as expected. Or maybe it’s that goddamn dog he seems to have with him in every promo shot we’ve seen.

New Legend Set Pics!

Sometimes we get the coolest stuff from the areas you would not expect. Back in January when I Am Legend was filing near the Brooklyn Bridge, Will Smith took the time to hang out with some of the Coast Guard team he was working with and got a cool pic with them, which a source just forwarded to us. The other pic you can see below is two coast guard members in front of a very serious looking military vehicle on the set; apparently this scene is a flashback Smith’s character has to when things starting going to shit all around him at the start of the outbreak.

Exclusive: I Am Legend Set Pics!

It is 7pm on January 23rd. The air is crisp as winter has set in. I'm at the South Street Seaport in New York City, where the usually serene landscape has just been over-run with citizens fleeing the island in terror. It seems a plaugue is ripping its way through the populace, turning ordinary humans into nocturnal, bloodthirsty creatures. Time to get the hell out of Manhattan.